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Green Jobs Get a Reboot

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    December 11, 2018

    The new owner of Greenjobs.com, a premium job board domain name has relaunched the business as a new job board on the SmartJobBoard platform. I helped launch the site recently via my concierge service.

    Adam Yamada-Hanff, who owns the site, tells me that in addition to typical green jobs like solar, he will be adding wind energy, EV and other types of renewable positions.

    Green jobs reached a peak fever in the early 2010’s and I even had a site for them back then. Today the biggest part of that market is solar jobs which are still going strong and growing each year. Adding cannabis jobs to the site couldn’t hurt and should provide a boost in traffic.

    Launching a job board with a great two word domain like Greenjobs.com will be a key part of its success if it does well. This domain brings with it credibility and trust which will attract visitors. In fact, it already receives type in traffic from people wondering if it exists so that intent bodes well for the newest member of our job board community.


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