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Consulting – Hire Me

  • Does your job board or recruiting tool need improving? Want to know how to increase sales? Need to improve your site’s usability? Want to learn how to start a job board? Or just set it up?

    Hire me as your Job Board / Recruiting Technology Consultant. Get started with an introductory phone consultation. For $150 I will conduct a 1 hour conference call (via Phone, Skype), where you can ask me questions about starting, managing or marketing your job board or other type of recruitment technology. To contact me just send a message through this site or call 203-572-2053. I look forward to working with you and I guarantee you will be extremely happy with my advice.

    Services I Offer

    • For Sale Promotion: Looking to sell your board? I can promote to my audience through a blog post and email blast for $295.
    • Setup & Launch: I can setup and launch your job board on platforms such as WordPress or Jobboard.io in as little as one week. Including all backend configuration and social media integrations. If you are not technically inclined and just want to worry about selling/marketing leave the setup to me. Learn more.
    • On site Visits: I can come to your office for a full day of consulting for $600 per day plus travel expenses.
    • Strategic Advisor: I work with a small number of sites on a retainer basis as their advisor. You get a weekly call with me, unlimited email access and promotion across my network of sites and social media networks.
    • Partnering on operations: In some cases I am willing to partner with you on a retainer or rev share basis to run your job board.
    • Platform Selection: I know all the major software vendors and can help you pick the right one for your business.
    • Marketing/Sales Strategies: I will teach you how to market and sell your product to employers, recruiters and job seekers. You’ll learn all of my secrets to promotion and lead generation in the HR marketplace.
    • Press Release: Let me write about you and get that story in front of 10,000 recruiters across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Message sent via email to opt-in only subscribers on various newsletters I run. Price: $995.

    • Site Critiques: I helped a newbie critique a new job board he started a few months before. I checked out the pages of the site and made recommendations about the web design and usability. Then we had a 1 hour call via Skype to go over each item. Now he has the knowledge of what to correct in order to publish a job board that is the envy of his competitors.
    • SEO & Link Building services: I can get you backlinks and evaluate your site from an SEO standpoint. SEO today is much more about content generation and links. I’ll teach you how to get better at that.
    • Competitive analysis: many times clients come to me with an idea for a new job board. So I help them look at the niche they wish to target and analyze how successful they may or may not be. Some niches are already highly competitive (tech, healthcare) but there are subsets of others that are ripe for the taking. In any case I’ve actually advised some clients to not go into a certain niche because I thought it was doomed to fail. Before you start your site, talk to me first.
    • Software Migrations: Is your job board stuck on some old software? Hire me to help you migrate to a new more modern software platform that will make you more money.  I’ve worked with almost a dozen different vendors over the years and I know their capabilities to help you make an informed decision.
    • Buying or Selling Analysis: are you looking to buy or sell a job board? I can help you evaluate a site thats for sale including valuation numbers or I can help you prep your site for sale and help you find a buyer.

    Contact me for rates.

    Call 203-572-2053