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    May 7, 2018

    job board news

    Looking to increase your email conversions? This checklist may be of help to job boards and other vendors.

    Here’s the ultimate cold email checklist.

    It has everything you need to know before you send your next cold email – the whole enchilada.

    • which domain to use for sending cold emails
    • setting your DNS the correct way
    • how to warm up your domain
    • how to build a lead list that converts faster
    • segmenting your campaigns
    • crafting compelling subject lines
    • pacing your emails
    • follow-ups
    • A/B testing
    • the do-s, the don’t-s

    Get ready to craft the most awesome cold email you’ve ever written, and see your conversion rates skyrocket! 🙂

    Private Service Job Board Launches: Private service professionals of all types, from personal assistants to estate managers, can now find and apply for six-figure jobs quickly and easily using a first-of-its-kind employment website.

    Greenwood Global Enterprises, a privately owned, diversified company based in North Carolina, today announced the private beta launch of PrivateService.Jobs℠, the world’s first and only premium job board for private service professionals that exclusively lists $100K+ jobs.

    Founded by Curtis M. Greenwood, former chief of staff and executive aide to world-famous media moguls, PrivateService.Jobs features full-time, part-time, and temporary jobs for assistants, estate managers, housekeepers, nannies, butlers, private chefs, chauffeurs, domestic couples, yacht & aircraft crew, security personnel, and more. All listed positions, many of which are unique to the website, pay the equivalent of $100,000 USD or more per year.

    Press release.

    China’s Biggest job board 51job, published its quarterly sales numbers. These numbers tell us they are around a $500 million business in Asia.

    • Total revenues increased 33.5% over Q1 2017 to RMB811.3 million (US$129.3 million), exceeding the Company’s guidance range
    • Online recruitment services revenues increased 30.5% over Q1 2017 to RMB548.3 million (US$87.4 million)
    • Other human resource related revenues increased 40.2% over Q1 2017 to RMB263.0 million (US$41.9 million)
    • Gross margin increased to 74.4% compared with 73.5% in Q1 2017
    • Income from operations increased 43.5% over Q1 2017 to RMB236.0 million (US$37.6 million)

    CareerBuilder Goes Full Google. After reviewing the results of its beta integration with Google Cloud Job Discovery, CareerBuilder announced it is fully migrating its platform to Google Cloud’s technology.

    The job board was one of the early testers of Google’s Job Discovery tools, integrating the machine-learning solution into its traditional product. Now CareerBuilder’s site is fully powered by Google Cloud, which is also providing the search functionality for CareerBuilder’s 4,000 talent networks.



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