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  • This Week in Startups
    By on June 17, 2010 | Comments Off on This Week in Startups  Comments

    Last friday I had the privilege of being on my favorite podcast, This Week In Startups with Jason Calacanis.

    If you don’t know this show, you should. Its a great resource for startups and entrepreneurs. I have learned many tips and tricks by subscribing. You can get it on audio or in video format.

    This episode was an all Ask Jason format where he took callers for 2 hrs. I was the second call and appear around minute 16. My question was about whether I should make my latest project ‘freemium’ in terms of a business model. I think you’ll find it an interesting show

  • Best day for job board sales? (free)
    By on June 3, 2010 | Comments Off on Best day for job board sales? (free)  Comments

    Chris talks about the best days of the week for job board sales.

  • Deconstructing Youtern.com
    By on May 20, 2010 | Comments Off on Deconstructing Youtern.com  Comments

    In my latest screencast I critique the new internship site, Youtern.

    Want your job board deconstructed? Join my premium membership site and I’ll do it for free. Or you can hire me to do it without joining for just $129.

    My goal in each screencast is to help you improve your job board so you can make more money.

  • JuJu now offering publisher option
    By on May 14, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    The 3rd largest job search engine, Juju.com has a new publisher program similar to what SimplyHired and Indeed have available. You can backfill your site and earn money on the clicks you generate.

    For job board owners this is good news. More competition means more options and potential for making more money. If you are good at driving traffic to your site then these options represent another revenue source.

    According to the company, their payouts will be better than what other JSE’s are providing. In my experience with Indeed and SimplyHired that has been around .1 – .5 cents per click, so here’s a chance to improve your bottom line.

    For more information on the Juju publisher program you can contact:

    (click here to sign up)

    Christopher Campbell
    Director of Network Development
    w. 212-537-3898 x6
    c. 865-621-4827

    NOTE: I havent played with it yet but plan to integrate Juju into one of my newer green sites. I’ll write a followup post on that later.

  • Why I love Jobamatic so much
    By on May 6, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    A lot of non-job board people tend to give Jobamatic grief when it comes to online job hunting. They say that it has helped to proliferate / litter the web with duplicate jobs. And they are right to an extent. The ease of use of setting up a job board is dead simple and they have given the green light to anyone with a website who wants jobs.

    But for me it has been a solid new revenue source. The recession of 08-09 forced me to find new ways to make money and I took to Jobamatic like a fly on sticky paper. I launched several green job boards and have been pleasantly surprised as to the results. They are getting thousands of users per month, attracting good search traffic and rank well for keywords.

    Perhaps the best reason to use Jobamatic is the built in SEO of the site architecture. Its the best SEO in the biz in my opinion. On a site like JobsinLEED for example 80% of the 5,000 monthly uniques come from search engines. Thats damn good seo.

    I’m also a fan of making a few extra bucks on back fill clicks. Its not much (only a few cents per click) but it adds up over the course of a month and some of my sites bring in over $100/mo just in backfill. So if you can drive traffic, you will make money.

    The overall look and feel of Jobamatic is also awesome. Its the most “web 2.0” of all the vendors. I can tweak the design to fit my need and since I place Adsense in strong positions above the fold it offers me flexibity in designing the look and feel. All users can add images and text to the header and footer of all pages. The pages load fast and thats another plus. Fast servers = more money.

    But they do have shortcomings. Jobthread for example lets you control not only the header/footer but the left and right columns as well. And there is no employer login. If you setup a yearly package for a company they have to remember a code each time they want to post.

    There is no support for multiple accounts either. (Jobtarget does) so I have to create separate accts from all my sites which now number around 10 so it gets hard to track of everything some time. This also causes me to get separate payments for each site which come in once a month via paypal. I wish I could be paid once and be done with it.

    But I digress. SimplyHired recently hired more people to work on the Jobamatic product and I have told them of my thoughts on the software. I do hope they listen.

    Anyway, long live jobs, long live the job board, wounded as it is by some, it will always be my home.

  • Critiquing PG Job Site (free)
    By on April 9, 2010 | Comments Off on Critiquing PG Job Site (free)  Comments

    As a follow up to wednesdays post about PG Job Site, I decided to critique their job site examples usability and design.


  • Should your job board be global?
    By on March 31, 2010 | Comments Off on Should your job board be global?  Comments

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  • More job posting services (free)
    By on March 15, 2010 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    I talked about Jobtarget’s OneClick service recently where they allow employers to pay once and post on several boards. There are actually a few others like this. So my advice is to get yourself listed on as many as possible to increase your brand awareness and sales.

    1. Broadbean: this is a UK company which now has offices based in the states. They actually have a simple directory of sites they post to right here. Fill out their contact form and ask to be listed.

    2. Equest: eQuest provides a simple, one-page user experience that allows companies to post jobs to multiple job boards in seconds. This reduces the administrative headache of having to visit each individual job-posting site and manually posting each job.

    3. Smashfly: WildFire® enables you to post to any job board.

    4. Arbita: Arbita OnePost is our core job posting technology, and was the industry’s first consolidated job posting solution. OnePost empowers companies with a single portal for posting to more job boards in more countries than any other solution.

    5. iCims: The Power of One Platform means iCIMS clients can leverage a wide array of tools from one interface. TMP Pathways, iCIMS’ premier job distribution partner, offers unparalleled access to thousands of the most popular and niche job boards across the globe from one interface.

  • How much do job boards make? (free)
    By on March 5, 2010 | Comments Off on How much do job boards make? (free)  Comments

    I saw this article recently about one of the first twitter job sites to come online which got me thinking…

    “One year after he launched the service, TweetMyJobs.com has become the largest job board on Twitter. It’s on its way to more than $1 million in revenue this year, Zukowski says. The company lists up to 50,000 jobs per day and boasts 150,000 followers online. More than 1,800 companies use the service. And major media outlets, including CNN and The Wall Street Journal, have mentioned Zukowski’s work. PC Magazine even named his operation a top 20 job-search Web site — just three weeks after he launched it last March.”

    I had a conversation with an industry exec last month about how many job boards actually make over 100k a year in sales. He put the number around 3,000 sites. Of course there’s no way to really know but I think its a good guesstimate.

    There are many niche sites out there which bring in decent money for their owners. I consulted with the owner of an 8 site network of sites for hospital jobs who makes about $250k per year. Like me, he’s a one man business.

    There are probably thousands of other job sites that make 1k to 20k a year that you’ve never heard of.

    Suffice to say there are a broad range of sites and revenues in this business.

  • How to find a web designer for your job board (free)
    By on February 22, 2010 | Comments Off on How to find a web designer for your job board (free)  Comments

    One of my clients asked me recently if I had any good recommendations for a web designer to redesign her job board. I do all my own designs so I didnt really have a good answer for her. But if I ever needed one here’s what I would do.

    1. Post something on the Job Boarders blog seeking recommendations. I would also look for other job boards whose design I admire and send them a note asking who designed their sites. You are bound to get some good referrals.

    2. Go to 99designs and post a project, its a pretty good site for getting designers to compete for your work.

    I’ve said many times that design is the key to every successful job board. It HAS to look professional and inspire companies to post jobs and job seekers to register.

    Don’t skimp on a good design for your job board.