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  • Custom URLs added to Jobboard.io
    By on April 22, 2019 | Comments Off on Custom URLs added to Jobboard.io  Comments

    Good news if you care about SEO. Jobboard.io has added the ability to create custom urls for content pages on their platform. This is a must have if you are moving your old site to them so you can preserve your high performing SEO pages. By recreating the content on the same url structure your SEO traffic wont miss a beat.

  • SmartJobBoard and JobBoard.io Release Updates
    By on March 25, 2019 | Comments Off on SmartJobBoard and JobBoard.io Release Updates  Comments

    The top 2 hosted job board software platforms released some cool new features last week.

    SmartJobBoard added several new features including a carousel for the homepage, SEO improvements and more. Watch my screencast to learn more.

    Jobboard.io released a great new feature to make more sales. The make a slew of small upgrades in early March, including a better looking products page. But their recent news of automatic email reminders for reposting jobs is a terrific new feature to help sales.

    Keep the iterations coming!

  • Cool Job Board Design: NoFluffJobs
    By on February 26, 2019 | Comments Off on Cool Job Board Design: NoFluffJobs  Comments

    A reader of mine emailed me last week to point out a tech job board out of Poland that has an interesting take on design. Here’s a quick screencast of NoFluffJobs. They take a minimal design approach and make it easy as heck to scan and apply to postings.

  • A Warning to Job Board Software Vendors
    By on January 21, 2019 | Comments Off on A Warning to Job Board Software Vendors  Comments

    In case you haven’t noticed the world of online recruiting is a vastly different one from whence job boards first emerged.

    The sheer amount of ways to recruit online, from sourcing tools to aggregators, has created a vast ocean of choices for employers to find talent. This means that if your recruiting tool, whatever purpose it serves, does not evolve to serve these employers it will slowly fade away.

    Job boards have been facing this threat for many years and you have all seen what it has done to the likes of Monster, CareerBuilder and others. They have faded and now are forced to play catch up.

    The same is true for the software vendors that serve our industry. 

    It is time for you ALL to revitalize your product offerings to stay ahead of the curve. The status quo is not good enough to survive the future.

    If I were running a job board software company today, here are the features and tools I would be building into my product to help job boards not only survive, but thrive in this new world of digital recruiting.

    • Foster More Community. I believe today’s online job markets need to be a community, not just a place to post/search for job listings. This means allowing for things like user generated content, friending and close integration with popular social media channels. Let job seekers talk to one another. Aggregate industry news. There are lots of ways to let a community interact. I remember the early days of platforms like Ning.com which were social networks in a box. If they only had a job board attached I would have put all my boards on it! As a job seeker I’d love to see a newsfeed of whats happening on the site and be able to comment/like/share.
    • Social Profiles. Most job boards allow seekers to upload a resume but do a poor job of letting them connect their social media accounts. A seeker is more than a resume. Their public social media accounts are great for personal branding. Let them connect if desired. It could be something as simple as a clone of an about.me page.
    • Texting. Where are all the job board vendors when it comes to integrating texting? The chatbot vendors have learned that text recruiting is the future. Heck even big players like Indeed have surprisingly been missing out on this trend. Job seekers should be able to get text reminders for jobs they visit like what Emissary.ai is doing. They should be able to get a text alert when a company on their favorites list posts a job.
    • Better Marketing Tools. Job boards are internet marketing businesses and need the tools to promote themselves. There should be tight integration with social media so that a full RSS feed of “activity” can be broadcast. When a job seeker joins and posts a resume I want to see that message pop up in the twitter account. “Nice! John just posted a resume. Welcome aboard” it might say. Perhaps the ability to offer “push” notifications to users so they can get those handy desktop notifications.
    • More Backfill Options. There are at least 10 different aggregators to get backfill from. Some pay better than others. I’d like to see more options to choose from to help boost the bottom line. Backfill is an important asset to offer especially in the first year of a new job board and vendors aren’t doing enough to maximize this revenue.
    • Email. We need built in email marketing functionality to communicate more often with both seeker and employer. This means more automatic emails, drip reminders and automation to help drive traffic back to the jobs. I give credit to Kyle from Jobarto for building a platform with an email first perspective and see that he now offer SMS too. Email is a critical channel for job boards.
    • Data sharing. There are several thousand niche job sites that have lots of resume data hidden behind a silo. Imaging if they let the new breed of sourcing tools such as Entelo, Hiretual, HiringSolved and others see that data and help recruiters uncover new candidates. The data could be anonymized and the recruiter sent to the job board to pay for access to the contact info. Thats an revenue stream waiting to be tapped.
    • Employer Branding. Employers on any job board should be allowed to maximize their profiles by doing what Glassdoor allows, uploading of pics, posting of short updates, etc. The employer profile page needs a visual upgrade in most cases. Indeed recently revamped their employer pages, so should the rest of you.
    • Streamlined E-commerce. We need better checkout functionality overall. Posting and paying for a job should be a quick and painless as possible. And we need more types of product beyond the typical job posting feee. We need monthly subscription models and even the ability to charge job seekers for more things (reverse job board).

    I could probably go on but if you are a software vendor I hope you read this and take the advice seriously. Need help sketching it out? Hire me.


  • SmartJobBoard Makes Improvements
    By on January 15, 2019 | Comments Off on SmartJobBoard Makes Improvements  Comments

    Platform provider SmartJobBoard has made some enhancements to their employer dashboard and admin section. Here’s a quick screencast of the new changes.

  • Another Job Board Software Platform Has Launched
    By on December 26, 2018 | Comments Off on Another Job Board Software Platform Has Launched  Comments

    A few weeks ago I wrote about JobBoardFire and now comes news of another platform for the job board world. Job Board Kit is based out of the UK and is now open for business. They are also my latest sidebar advertiser.

    All of a sudden the job board software market is heating up. I attribute a lot of this to Google getting into our space. Do we need more platforms? That is debatable, but a little competition now and then is a healthy thing.

    JBK offers a 14 day free trial and pricing varies according to the number of jobs hosted. They also just added a plan called Startup which is only £7.99 per month for up to 100 active listings.

    The design examples they list are fairly straightforward looking. Features include Stripe for ecommerce, Indeed for backfill and several responsive templates to choose from.

    Setting up an account was quite easy, just enter a few details and it will create the site in a few minutes. Here’s a look at the backend which allows you to do things like adding pages and setting your backfill query.


  • Q&A with MarketGrabber
    By on December 18, 2018 | Comments Off on Q&A with MarketGrabber  Comments

    MarketGrabber is a longtime provider of job board software. I did a Q&A with Laura Barry, VP of Sales & Marketing over email recently.

    1. How long has MG been around? Who is company founder?

    Our company AlphaPlex, Inc. has been in business since 1997 and is located in Colorado Springs, CO.

    We began as a custom web development company specializing in database driven websites. We launched MarketGrabber in 2005 with our Classifieds and Directory software. We launched our Job Board Software not long after ane originally called our Employment Edition.

    The company was founded by Edward Barry (my husband), a software engineer who formerly worked for Digital and MCI. 

    1. How many sites do you power today?

    MarketGrabber powers over 1,000 websites with approx. 500 hosted with us at this time. Of those, we have sold several hundred job boards.

    1. Who are some of your flagship clients boards? (name a few)




    1. Is your software hosted or just sell licenses or both?

    Both. We provide our software with a full source code license. Our customers have the option to use our hosting/support service or use their own servers.

    1. What is your pricing?
    • Our Basic Job Board is $699 with add-on such as ZipRecruiter, Job Import, Applicant Tracking, SSL etc. which brings the average sale to approx. $1200.00
    • Hosting is separate from the cost of the software and runs $29.95 – $49.95 per month.
    • We also offer design and customization services.
    1. Is your platform Google Jobs ready?
    1. What are the 3 best features of your software?
    • Customizable white label solution,
    • Google jobs ready,
    • Job import and wrapping Capability with additional Backfill options.
    • In addition: As a company we offer design and customization services and are located in the US. 
    1. Whats your best tip for job board success?

    I believe the niche job boards are the most successful, specifically within a niche Industry rather than geographic location. It’s best for the site owner to know their market and use email and/ or social media campaigns to get their brand recognized. With our current tight labor market, job candidates don’t want to spend the time and energy sifting through generic job boards and aggregators, give them the jobs they are looking for and this is a win/win/win for job board owners, candidates and employers.

    Our Job Board Software is only one of the products we currently offer but we have seen an increase in sales and inquiries since our latest update in the summer.

    Please see:

  • New Free job board platform has launched
    By on November 27, 2018 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    We have a new entrant in the job board software market.

    It’s called Job Board Fire. It is completely free to use and makes money through a 10% rev share component. Below is a quick screencast from my Youtube channel.

    If they keep iterating they have a chance to succeed, but may need to charge for the product eventually. Giving it away for free is good for getting new customers but the majority of their customers probably aren’t making any money yet. As of now it is a very basic product and will need many more updates to ensure they stick around.

    Nevertheless, It’s good to see a new player in our space.

  • Q& A with RussMedia Solutions – European Job Board Software Provider
    By on November 12, 2018 | Comments Off on Q& A with RussMedia Solutions – European Job Board Software Provider  Comments

    RussMedia Solutions is an international company that offers job software services for online businesses. From what I can tell they seem to offer a good value and they tell me they are flexible when it comes to customizing packages and platforms to their clients’ needs. They are not a big player yet, but may be worth your while to give them a look.

    Job boards are their strong point, but they do just as well with other verticals like real-estate, cars or general. Their portfolio includes even a horses classifieds portal.

    They tell me that since they are early adopters of a “microservice architecture” approach, they give their clients more flexibility which help saves money on support hours needed.

    I conducted an email Q&A with Adrian Daniel, their Chief Revenues Officer. Find them online at russmediasolutions.com.

    1. Who is Russmedia?

    RussMedia Solutions is an international company that offers software services for online businesses. Our solutions include Job Board Software and other specific solutions for Real Estate Platforms, Car Portals and other online classifieds. We apply a structured approach to development, supported by dedicated project managers and product owners. Today our expertise includes digital marketing, user experience, SEO and conversion rate optimization.

    Some of our key features include: semantic search, matching and classification based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, great filtering capabilities, user alerts plus very powerful analytics.

    Why us? We offer some of the best value in the industry, we have leading technology that deliver unmatched services and great products and services

    2. When was it started? 

    RussMedia, our parent company is almost 100 years old and has activity in the online media for decades, RussMedia Solutions began it’s activity in 2005 as the software development department of InformMedia. the digital media department at the time. It started with only 3 developers based in Oradea, Romania. We started to develop online portal solutions as our first project came to be – We took on the development and maintenance of news, job, car and real estate portals, all developed in .NET frameworks for our news brands. Today our software powers over 100 digital brands. While for our news platform we continue to develop WordPress as solution, Symfony powers our recruitment platform. Our team consists of more than 30 dedicated developers. We apply a structured approach to development, supported by dedicated project managers and product owners. Today our expertise includes digital marketing, user experience, SEO and conversion rate optimization.

    3. What sites do you power?

    • Cvonline.hu
    • Laendlejob.at
    • Jobs.tt.com
    • Jobs.gehaltsreporter.de
    • Topjob.hu
    • Topjob.li
    • Vorarlberglehre.at

    4. Major features of the platform?

    We have many features available for our platforms, just to name a few relevant for the job boards we have semantic search smart apply, powerful analytics, job alerts, advanced filtering capabilities plus many other microservices.

    Semantic search – Features like semantic search will help your users generate better search results and more relevant. This feature will search the correct form of a word even if your users type it wrong. In other words, it’s also typo tolerance and this is great!

    Smart apply – Sometimes we need a little bit of help when it comes to digital creation. In this case, smart apply is the best tool for a user who is not familiar with how to write a CV. This feature will help your users to automatically convert documents or different types of information into digital CV-s.

    Powerful Analytics – Keeping track of where you are is one of the most important things. With our analytics tools your clients will be able to see how they are performing and most importantly, they will see which are those job posts that perform the best.

    Job Alerts – Exactly as in social media, alerts are a big part of a persons’ experience. Having job alerts will keep your users tuned to your job board and will help them keeping track of the most interested job posts the are present on your platform.

    Filtering – Filtering is great. Having the possibility to see only the things you want to see is key to every successful business. Instead of having all these kinds of the information your users can now filter their searches, so they can have a better look to what they’re interested in.

    Many more incredible features – Get a list of all the great features of our job boards by scheduling a demo with this. This will give you clarity of everything what we can do for you.

    5. Can you breakdown your pricing options?

    We have fixed set-up fee that starts at 6000 euros, depending on the size of the project and then we have a monthly fee starting with 1000, again depending on the size of the portal: users, content, traffic.

    6. What type of support do you provide?

    We offer chat support, phone and email support to our clients. Our primary tool is our ticketing system that helps us manage all the tasks and create a community feel for our client base. 24/7 dedicated team – dedicated account manager for each client

    7. What advice do you have for new job board owners to help them succeed?

    Planning for at least 30% plus of what you expect in traffic and users, so you can scale easily and make sure you will be sustainable over time. Also try use the microservices architecture model instead of the monolithic approach to make sure management and transition will be easier to handle. We have some really good feed-back from our existing customers on this new approach and the main gain is less time and money spent on development. This, at least for us, leaves more time for innovation and research. Take data driven decisions. Develop and/or implement features based on data intelligence, testing.

  • Emissary’s Text Reminder for Job Boards
    By on August 6, 2018 | Comments Off on Emissary’s Text Reminder for Job Boards  Comments

    Last week I spoke with the guys at Emissary.ai, a new text recruiting tool born out of the offices of Juju.com the job aggregator.

    Emissary has a plugin for job boards that helps drive traffic/applies through text reminders. It is currently live on sites like CareersInGovernment.com on their job postings. Emissary has several ways employers can leverage text but they are also targeting job boards who want to add texting as a new marketing channel.

    It works by embedding a small piece of javascript code on your job description pages and by also adding a tracking code to your thank you page. Upon visiting that job listing, the script pops up after 5 seconds and offers the user an option to enter their phone number which will then remind them on a daily basis until they return and apply to the job. Here’s a screenshot.

    I was able to contact Michael Hurwitz who runs CareersinGovernment about the results so far. In the 45 days since he and his team activated the widget they have seen impressive results. “25% of all visitors to a job page will enter in their phone number and 22% of those will come back to the page later to apply via the text reminder”, he told me by phone.

    Hurwitz also mentioned that if he didn’t have it in place, he thinks they’d be losing candidates and added that he was ‘pleasantly surprised at the amount of users who are open to getting text reminders for jobs’. At first he was worried they would find it annoying.

    I think job boards and applicant tracking vendors need to do more with texting features like what Emissary offers. Text is an untapped marketing channel that will increase both traffic and applies if you give your users the option. To my knowledge, few if any job board software vendors have added this feature but they should not wait to add it. Its probably the single biggest thing they can do to improve their business.

    Text is the new email.

    NOTE: The Emissary widget will not work for hosted job board solutions like Jobboard.io or SmartJobBoard just yet. If you have a custom built site or one on WordPress your web developer can easily add the code to get it in place.