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  • SmartJobBoard Makes Improvements
    By on January 15, 2019 | Comments Off on SmartJobBoard Makes Improvements  Comments

    Platform provider SmartJobBoard has made some enhancements to their employer dashboard and admin section. Here’s a quick screencast of the new changes.

  • Green Jobs Get a Reboot
    By on December 11, 2018 | Comments Off on Green Jobs Get a Reboot  Comments

    The new owner of Greenjobs.com, a premium job board domain name has relaunched the business as a new job board on the SmartJobBoard platform. I helped launch the site recently via my concierge service.

    Adam Yamada-Hanff, who owns the site, tells me that in addition to typical green jobs like solar, he will be adding wind energy, EV and other types of renewable positions.

    Green jobs reached a peak fever in the early 2010’s and I even had a site for them back then. Today the biggest part of that market is solar jobs which are still going strong and growing each year. Adding cannabis jobs to the site couldn’t hurt and should provide a boost in traffic.

    Launching a job board with a great two word domain like Greenjobs.com will be a key part of its success if it does well. This domain brings with it credibility and trust which will attract visitors. In fact, it already receives type in traffic from people wondering if it exists so that intent bodes well for the newest member of our job board community.

  • SmartJobBoard adds Resume Parser
    By on August 6, 2018 | Comments Off on SmartJobBoard adds Resume Parser  Comments

    In a blog post last week Rodion Telpizoz announced that SJB has added a resume parser to the platform which helps job seekers automatically pre-populate their profile fields. Watch the screencast for more info.

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  • SmartJobBoard releases new upgrade to software
    By on June 28, 2010 | Comments Off on SmartJobBoard releases new upgrade to software  Comments

    I found this news item about SmartJobBoard software. They offer a hosted or stand-alone version. The hosted version is apprx $49/month.

    SmartJobBoard, vendor of the job board software platform, has recently launched version 3.1 of its software. This release represents a range of exciting new features intended to expand the software capabilities.

    Thanks to the improvements, implemented within this version, system setting process became easier and the software was amplified with new useful tools.

    “In new versions of the software we always take into account wishes of our customers and recent market trends,” said SmartJobBoard CEO, Rodion Telpizov. “Therefore such features as User sub-accounts, bulk job importing, complex fields, screening questionnaires, subscription/listing expiration reminder and others were included in this release. We’re sure that these new features and enhancements will be very useful for existing and potential users of our job board software (http://www.smartjobboard.com/) providing them with more opportunities.”

    SmartJobBoard team also continues developing new plug-ins for its software. Thus the latest version 3.1 includes the ‘Twitter integration plug-in’ that will allow easily exporting postings to twitter.com. More plug-ins are planned to be developed in the next releases. Follow news information on our site for updates.

    Check the live Demo to see the new version of the SmartJobBoard software in action: http://www.smartjobboard.com/demo.html