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  • Should I combine my job board with an ATS? (member only)
    By on January 19, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

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  • Update on Linkedin’s job aggregation strategy
    By on January 12, 2015 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Last year Linkedin announced it would begin aggregating job listings just like Indeed does. It was a sign that job aggregation is going mainstream. I havent heard much about it recently so I asked my rep for an update. She wrote back with this info below that I wanted to pass along. It was a standard summary of what they wrote last year. Apparently the product is still in BETA and there is no timetable for release. From what I understand it will be free to employers when it does roll out.


    Earlier this year (2014), we began aggregating our customers’ open jobs that aren’t currently posted to LinkedIn, and representing them in our search results. We tested this over the summer with the eventual goal of indexing all of the world’s open opportunities in our search results. Since these listings will only appear in search results, they’ll only be seen by active seekers—for example, an active candidate who starts their job search on Google—and they’ll appear below any relevant Job Slots and Posts.

    So what exactly is happening and what does it mean for you?

    While it will take us time to add all of our customers’ opportunities, your open roles that aren’t currently posted to LinkedIn will begin to appear in our search results as limited listings.

    This will benefit you in a couple of ways:

    • First, all of your open roles will be visible to active job seekers, providing a complete picture of your opportunities in one place.
    • Second, by becoming, over time, the one-stop-shop for job seekers to manage and advance their careers, it will attract even more qualified candidates to LinkedIn, and to your opportunities.

    It’s important to remember that limited listings are only visible to candidates in job search on LinkedIn—and only ~25% of professionals are actively looking for jobs. This means that engagement with limited listings – just as with your career site and traditional job boards – is a one-way street, where active candidates search to view. And limited listings will appear below any relevant Job Slots in their search, too.

    By contrast, Job Slots proactively reach out and tap the right talent on the shoulder, regardless of whether or not they’re looking for a job. This hasn’t changed at all.

    In fact, Job Slots will:

    • Remain the only way to reach all of our 300M+ passive and active members. Only Job Slots will be recommended to relevant candidates in places like “Jobs You May Be Interested In”, desktop and mobile feeds, and your career page. This means they’ll automatically search and find the right passive candidates who aren’t actively looking.
    • Receive more visibility and attract more applicants. During early U.S. testing, Job Slots received ~10x more applications than limited listings.

    They’ll also help promote your talent brand, and they’ll be easily manageable in Recruiter.
    So while this new initiative will provide you with an added benefit (particularly with active seekers), Job Slots remain a key element of your passive recruiting strategy.

    Monster also said last year they will be aggregating jobs. These are sure signs of how the job board market is changing. Many boards have backfill now and aggregation is popular because it makes for a better job search experience. Job seekers need access to ALL the jobs at a company, not just a few.

  • My latest Simply-Partner earnings (member only)
    By on January 5, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

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  • RegionalHelpWanted suing for trademark ‘HelpWanted’
    By on December 29, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    I was recently tipped off to a court case involving the job board network RegionalHelpWanted. In the case, they claimed exclusive rights to the use of “Helpwanted”. Here’s a link to the case. They are suing a company called “Olson Media” which I’ve never heard of. If I had to guess that might be the owner of LocalHelpWanted.net, but don’t quote me. At the bottom of their sites in the footer they say “we are not affiliated” with several other job boards and RHW is among those listed. The case was filed 7 months ago so it may have been settled already. But if anyone knows more about this story give me a shout.


    Here’s the gist of the suit:

    Through RegionalHelpWanted’s advertising, online coverage, and continuous and exclusive use over a period of nearly 15 years, RegionalHelpWanted’s geographic descriptor + “help wanted” trademark and naming convention (the Case 1:14-cv-03611-WHP Document 2 Filed 05/20/14 Page 4 of 45 5 “REGIONALHELPWANTED Mark”) has acquired distinctiveness and secondary meaning in the minds of consumers, such that a person encountering websites, advertisements and other materials displaying a geographic descriptor + “help wanted” and offering similar services, is likely to believe that the source or sponsor of those websites or advertisements is RegionalHelpWanted, or that they are affiliated with RegionalHelpWanted.

    RegionalHelpWanted has prior and superior use of the REGIONALHELPWANTED Mark over any other entity in the world by using the marks to identify the source of goods, services, and information through its Internet websites located on the 452 domain names that are identical to these marks.

    Full Documents are on Pacer.gov

    I’m not a laywer but I thought generic names were not able to be trademarked. Though if I read the above correctly they appear to be after any job sites that have a specific region in front of the help wanted domain name. There are other “Help Wanted” sites such as HelpWanted.com that have existed for many years. HelpWanted.com appears to be an affiliate of Indeed.com. I’m not sure who owns LocalHelpWanted.net but to the average job seeker I’m not sure they would know the difference between the 2 companies other than the design of the website. They both do the same thing.

    Since RHW was bought by OnTarget Jobs a few years ago they seem to be in protection mode. This is a case that bears watching though. It’s curious because just about every job board uses the word ‘job‘ in it so does that mean any job board can sue any other job board? It could come down to which company was first to market. If in fact they are suing the owner of LocalHelpWanted.net that domain name appears to have been registered in 2006, well after RHW first came to market.

    In the early days (1999-2000) when I ran FairfieldCountyJobs.com, RHW launched FairfieldCountyHelpWanted.com and started doing radio ads. People heard those ads and began confusing my site with theirs. I happened to be first in that market and it ended up being to my advantage because people were always telling me “oh I heard your ad on the radio” when they were actually hearing ads for FCHW. It gave my site extra credibility in the market.

  • 5 Basic job board questions answered (member only)
    By on December 22, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

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  • TalentAlerts to launch email job alerts in 2015
    By on December 16, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    TalentAlerts was developed by the folks behind TalentDesk. It offers a hosted job alert solution for job board operators who would like to monetize their job seeker records. They emailed me recently to announce the news of this new job alert service. It will allow other job boards to earn revenue by driving traffic to jobs within the Talent Alert database.

    Here’s my Q&A with their rep.

    Q. Where do the jobs come from?
    A. The sponsored jobs in the job alert emails come from the large aggregators. We currently partner with two traffic brokers and are discussions with several others.

    Q. How will the job board be paid?
    A. We will send them a check

    Q. What if the job board already has email alerts for their own jobs?
    A. Do you mean what if a job boards has implemented their own job alert system? There is probably not much downside other than potentially sending two emails to the same job seeker once in a while.

    The job board could also completely outsource job alerts to TalentAlerts. We can take their feed and will include their matching jobs in their alerts for at no charge.

    – Very little competition exists in the hosted job alerts market today. I believe only 2 other vendors offer this type solution today. Margins are very high in this space.

    – TalentAlerts is very simple to use and only requires job seeker email address, job alert location and job alert keyword. These values can be easily extracted from job application records.

    – TalentAlerts is fully CAN-Spam Compliant. Job alert emails are fully white labeled and will come from the job board operator’s domain name.

    – TalentAlerts has partnered with leading traffic brokers to ensure a large inventory of sponsored jobs

    – TalentAlerts has been highly optimized from millions of alerts sent over the past 12 months

    – TalentAlerts will offer highly competitive revenue share to job board operators. TalentAlerts will initially offer 100% revenue share to small job boards with less than 50k job alerts. Large job boards with > 50k alerts who sign up in the first 6 months will receive 75%+ revenue share.

    – TalentAlerts will send free traffic to job board partners. Free traffic comes from expired alert traffic and unfilled ad slots.

    – The product will launch in early 2015. Interested job board operators can request an invitation here: http://www.talentalerts.com/


  • I like how this job board customized their header (member only)
    By on December 15, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

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  • Monster gets the dot Monster domain extension
    By on December 14, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    I’m not sure why they need this but job search company Monster has beat out the Monster cable company for exclusive access to the .Monster domain extension.


    I guess it could useful for branding content like articles/ job content but its a curious move by the new Monster after rebranding themselves and launching new products. According to the press release;

    The proposed gTLD will be a restricted, exclusively-controlled gTLD where only Applicant, affiliated entities and authorized business partners will be permitted to register second-level domains for Applicant business purposes only for a term of one to ten years.

  • Job boards in the headlines
    By on December 10, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    Leave it to me to keep you abreast of the latest job board news. Here’s some of the headlines that caught my eye. Thinking of starting your own job board or need help with your existing one? Contact me, I can help.

    job boards in the news

    • Realmatch adds more job sites to its portfolio. The company also changed CEO’s recently. Read it.
    • Adicio snags ERE media. I’m not sure who ERE was using before but this is a nice win for Adicio. Seems like the top software vendors are really poaching each other lately. Read it.
    • Jobboard.io adds logos to job listings. –> Christian is doing a great job iterating on my favorite job board software. Read it.
    • InstaJob! My visual job posting tool for employers gets an iOS update. Read it.
    • Healthcare job postings on the HEALTHeCAREERS Network increased 65 percent year over year. Read it.
    • Intern Avenue making waves in the UK recruitment market. Read it.
    • 420careers.com acquired. Career site for the marijuana industry. Smokin! Read it.

    Got some news about a job board making news? Let me know.



  • How to monetize job related domains from scratch (member only)
    By on December 8, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

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