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  • Lensa is Testing a Bounced Traffic Revenue Widget for Job Publishers
    By on March 26, 2019 | Comments Off on Lensa is Testing a Bounced Traffic Revenue Widget for Job Publishers  Comments

    My pal Joe Stubblebine, formerly of Beyond/Nexxt and now at Lensa.com emailed me last week with some news of a new revenue widget they are working on. This widget doesn’t list jobs on your site but rather shows a user relevant jobs from Lensa only if they click the back button when leaving your site. Here’s how he explains it. If you want to learn more email him at joe@lensa.com – be sure to tell him you heard about it here.

    How many times have you looked at your site traffic analytics, only to be frustrated that a certain percentage of your visitors seem to visit your site and bounce off without doing anything else?

    Now, with the Lensa Bounced Traffic Revenue Widget, you can earn money on that bounced traffic, with a simple, easy-to-install widget!

    On average, most job boards see traffic bounce rates of around 8%-10%, which is just wasted, worthless traffic.  However, with the Bounced Traffic Revenue Widget installed, when a user visits your site and bounces, you can redirect them to Lensa, and we’ll show them relevant job content – and split the click revenue with you 50/50….for the lifetime of your participation in this program!

    To learn more about how this works and estimate how much revenue you’re missing out on by not participating, visit this online presentation below:


  • SmartJobBoard and JobBoard.io Release Updates
    By on March 25, 2019 | Comments Off on SmartJobBoard and JobBoard.io Release Updates  Comments

    The top 2 hosted job board software platforms released some cool new features last week.

    SmartJobBoard added several new features including a carousel for the homepage, SEO improvements and more. Watch my screencast to learn more.

    Jobboard.io released a great new feature to make more sales. The make a slew of small upgrades in early March, including a better looking products page. But their recent news of automatic email reminders for reposting jobs is a terrific new feature to help sales.

    Keep the iterations coming!

  • Thinking about designing your own job board?
    By on March 19, 2019 | Comments Off on Thinking about designing your own job board?  Comments

    I have spoken to a number of people over the years who have made a certain big mistake when they launched their site. They paid a web design firm with no experience building job boards to do it.

    Needless to say, these firms tend to build sites that are not quite optimized for job board usage. They miss certain things like the proper way to create job posting workflows or they make the e-commerce checkout process too long. Sadly, they contact me after the fact when the damage has already been done.

    In many of these cases I wish they had contacted me first because there is a certain way to design a job board to appeal to both seekers and employers. For instance, the ability to post a job and clearly identify where/how to do that is often buried in many of the custom built sites I see. A job board design, especially its homepage callout to employers needs to be front and center.

    Posting and paying for a job is the most important thing when it comes to user experience. Second is your job seeker onboarding. Design it poorly and you lose out on money. You have to make it dead-simple-easy for employers/seekers to do business with you. These little design best practices add up to big problems if you ignore them.

    So before you go and pay a web design firm to build your job board, think long and hard before you write a check. There are plenty of job board software vendors who can build your site faster and more cheaply than a firm who has never done it before. Job board software vendors are experts at what they do. Not all are created equal but some of my favorites like Webscribble, Madgex, Jobiqo can get you launched quickly right out of the box.

    Even the off the shelf services like Jobboard.io and Smart Job Board do a great job. As long as you are willing to live with a more “templated” design, they will serve you well. They do everything you need a job board to do.

    If you are about to launch a job board you need to first prove that a market exists for whichever niche you are targeting. Unless you need something totally unique out of the box prove your concept first with an existing vendor. If you every outgrow it you can always build your own later after gaining some experience in the online recruiting world.

    I’m not saying you should never hire a design firm to build, just be careful about that selection and make them show you how they will optimize it for your potential users.

  • Job Boards in the News
    By on March 18, 2019 | Comments Off on Job Boards in the News  Comments

    Google Cloud Signs More Job Board Partners

    RecruitMilitary is collaborating with Google Cloud to change the way jobs are found by military-trained talent. By working with Google Cloud to integrate their search and artificial intelligence into our job board, RecruitMilitary can take the guesswork out of the job search process. These enhanced search capabilities will help veterans find jobs that more closely match their experience and interests.

    Powered by Google’s Cloud Talent Solution, transitioning service members using RecruitMilitary’s job board will experience a refined search that’s powered by Google’s machine learning algorithms and built-in military occupational specialty (MOS) understanding to civilian job matching. READ MORE

    They also recently featured CollegeRecruiter.com…

    The page talks about how we successfully implemented its Cloud Talent Solutions product, which is the job search engine that our candidates have been using for about 13 months. If you go to http://www2.CollegeRecruiter.com/home and search for a job, the search technology is Google’s. You’re not searching Google. You’re searching the 500,000+ jobs active on our site at any given time but the technology that decides which jobs best match your criterion is technology that we license from Google. READ MORE

    New Launch

    Looking for a go-to source for any career or talent search in the tire industry? Tire Talent Founder Mike Cioffi has created it. The answer: www.TireCareers.com. It’s a free job board that both manufacturers and tire dealers can utilize to post jobs, and anyone searching for work can use to find a job.

    Cioffi operates Tire Talent, a search firm that’s focused on matching employees with employers in the tire and automotive industry. He says he’s learned there’s a need for one spot to serve as a hub for all job-related searches and openings. He receives weekly inquiries for technicians, counter sales professionals and other positions that fall outside the primary scope of his search firm’s business.

    New Site for Grads in UK

    The UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, has today launched a new specialist job site, focussing on the graduate market. Jobs-Graduate.co.uk is now live and is officially part of The CV-Library Group, helping to connect the freshest candidates entering the job market, with job opportunities across the UK.

    This new site will ensure that employers using CV-Library to advertise their graduate jobs will receive more high quality traffic to their vacancies, with 267,300 graduates already using the site to find their first role after university. READ MORE.

    Get Bizzy

    Smart recruitment technology firm StartMonday Technology Corp. adopts a global stance by refreshing its Careerchain product with a positive, consumer-centered brand positioned for global penetration – introducing Bizzy.

    Bizzy will be the world’s most open, efficient and reliable platform for the instant sharing of career histories. Job seekers will create a Bizzy profile to apply for jobs with just a couple of clicks on any partner job site – enter once, and apply everywhere. The “Apply with Bizzy” button is poised to become the global standard, propelling an increase in completed job applications for employers.

    The Bizzy platform launches an entire ecosystem for the job market, enabling the use of Bizzy profiles for third-party application development such as work history verification. Bizzy empowers major industry players, including job boards, staffing agencies, candidate tracking tools and other service providers with a non-competitive, decentralized approach that makes best use of blockchain technology.

    job board news

  • PsychologyJobs.com Seeks Buyer
    By on March 11, 2019 | Comments Off on PsychologyJobs.com Seeks Buyer  Comments

    I am brokering the sale of PsychologyJobs.com, a ten year old job site (and network) currently hosted on the Your Membership platform.

    The site is a highly profitable business bringing in close to $70k in past training 12 months. The owner has been ‘hand’s off’ all these years doing no marketing and even still the sales continue to rise with interest in mental health jobs growing. YM does however do a minimal amount of promotion.

    See the Sell Sheet below and contact me for further details.

  • New Ebook: the Big List of Backfill Providers
    By on March 9, 2019 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    I have been getting a lot of inquires lately about companies who provide job backfill to publishers. So I spent a few hours putting together the ultimate list of providers that allow you to each money though listing their job inventory, Its just $15 bucks. Buy it below or click here.

  • Archinect Introduces ‘Jobs Visualizer’
    By on March 5, 2019 | Comments Off on Archinect Introduces ‘Jobs Visualizer’  Comments

    Its my job to point out interesting things in the job board world. Case in point is the new ‘Jobs Visualizer‘ is one of those. It is a visual way of browsing employers who are hiring on Archinect, a site for architecture jobs.

    With Archinect Jobs Visualizer, the design work produced by the employers takes center stage. The most recent 100 active employers who have featured work from their Archinect firm profiles are presented in full-screen glory, allowing job seekers to browse employers one page at a time, or dig a little deeper into each firm to read the job opportunities and view more of the firm’s work.

    The navigation is kept very simple. At the top-right there is a small vertically-expanding menu that provides quick access to Archinect’s home page, as well as two shortcuts to post jobs or upload a new project.

    The goal of this new way to browse is to excite the job seeker. Its a visual web and this is a terrific way of showcasing jobs visually.

  • How to Improve Your ‘Drive by’ Ecommerce Postings (member only)
    By on March 4, 2019 | Comments Off on How to Improve Your ‘Drive by’ Ecommerce Postings (member only)  Comments

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  • Cool Job Board Design: NoFluffJobs
    By on February 26, 2019 | Comments Off on Cool Job Board Design: NoFluffJobs  Comments

    A reader of mine emailed me last week to point out a tech job board out of Poland that has an interesting take on design. Here’s a quick screencast of NoFluffJobs. They take a minimal design approach and make it easy as heck to scan and apply to postings.

  • Job Board Newsletters
    By on February 25, 2019 | Comments Off on Job Board Newsletters  Comments

    I have come across a few clients lately who haven’t taken advantage of emailing their employers. Every job board should be communicating with its employers at least once a month. In this screencast you’ll see a good example of one from Mac’s List a local job board out of Oregon. Email is a channel you own and you must take advantage of it by sending regular updates to both seekers and clients.