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  • New Upsell: Add Audio to your Job Listings
    By on December 6, 2016 | Comments Off on New Upsell: Add Audio to your Job Listings  Comments

    I am launching a new service that other job boards can use to upsell their customers and make more money.

    Audio Jobcasts

    The idea is to provide a short interview with the person posting the job in order to get more information and give that job a “voice” The audio, which I host with Soundcloud, can then be embbedded into the job listing like this.

    audio jobcast

    The cost to job boards who want to add this option is $100 each. You can charge the employer $150 and pocket the $50 profit. So if for example, you sell a normal job posting for $100 the cost for Job + Audio would be $250. Or you can charge higher. It’s up to you.

    Each Jobcast is about 3 minutes long. I will create the script, host the file and provide you with the iFrame code to embed. Your job board should allow for HTML access on its job description pages for this to work so be aware of that. Check out this example on my CareerCloud job board.

    Why Add Audio?

    Well, put simply it bring the job listing to life and is faster & cheaper than doing a video. Audio will help the employer stand out in a sea of text only postings.

    Send a quick email to chris@jobboardsecrets.com and we’ll setup a time to chat about how to implement it on your job board.

    Here is the embedded audio. The picture on the left can be of the person or their company logo. I ask the employer to describe their ideal candidate and why someone should work there.

  • GreatHires.co Founder Talks About the Interview Experience
    By on December 5, 2016 | Comments Off on GreatHires.co Founder Talks About the Interview Experience  Comments

    On my Rec Tech Podcast I talk to various job boards and HR tech vendors. Last week I chatted with Ray Tenenbaun the founder of GreatHires which is an innovative interview management tool designed to make the candidate experience better.

    Its a very practical tool so if you are building something for HR people or recruiters take a lesson from Ray and hear about the tool and how he came to build it. HR folks like practicality in their tools.

  • From my video archives: best days for job posting sales
    By on November 29, 2016 | Comments Off on From my video archives: best days for job posting sales  Comments

    Recorded back in 2010, this quick tip about when employers typically post jobs is still rather true today. Job board sales follow the schedules of the HR/recruiters who use them…9am-5pm. Avoid pitching them on monday mornings at all costs.

  • Smart Job Board introduces Recurring Billing
    By on November 28, 2016 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Smart Job Board is the first platform provider, to my knowledge, that now offers recurring billing options for employers. They made the announcement on their blog last week.


    Recurring revenue is great for job boards (or any internet business). Helps to maintain steady income so think about ways to integrate it into your product mix. Also save you time from having to collect or sell to customers. You can choose to bill your customers on a monthly or yearly basis.

    There is one more type of revenue model that might make sense for software vendors to add. A membership based model where you charge job seekers and make postings for employers free. Would only make sense to use in certain industries but might be a good source of revenue for platform providers. For now you could try using membership software like Memberium.

  • Amplify your Content with my Social Media Content Ring
    By on November 22, 2016 | Comments Off on Amplify your Content with my Social Media Content Ring  Comments

    I am looking for a few job boards to team up with me in what I call a “social media content ring“. The goal is to help each participant to increase views on their blog content by having each member of the ring auto publish the other’s content.

    I am already working with a number of sites like Job Monkey through my CareerCloud site.

    Here’s how it works. To participate you will need access to a social media tool like Buffer, Dlvr.it or Meet Edgar.

    1. Exchange RSS feeds with CareerCloud.
    2. CareerCloud will auto-publish your content to its Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin channels.
    3. Your site auto-publishes the CareerCloud feed to its Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin channels.
    4. We all get more exposure!

    Now I have a few limitations. I am only willing to partner with established sites who have at least 1,000 social media followers. Your Content must be job search related and not be spammy. Career Coaches are also a good fit who write on their blog. You must also have channels on the big 3 – Facebook/Twitter/LI.

    Contact me to get started.

  • Hear about this new college career site
    By on November 21, 2016 | Comments Off on Hear about this new college career site  Comments

    I recently had the chance to speak with Jim Milton of Portfolium. It is a next gen job board focusing on college student portfolios instead of resumes or profiles like LinkedIn is. I thought you might find it interesting to hear how they tackle the job market.

  • New WordPress Plugin for Jobs2Careers
    By on November 15, 2016 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    If you own a blog and want to add job listings to it there are a number of plugins to do that. But most of those only  backfill from Indeed. But no more. Pete Metz, owner of SkiptheDrive, has changed that. He developed a WordPress plugin that lets you search and browse listings from Jobs2Careers, now the 2nd largest aggregator behind Indeed.

    I have installed it to display recruiting/HR jobs on my site RecruitingHeadlines.com. View it here.


    There are 2 steps required to set it up. First you have to have a publisher account from J2C and create a new feed for yourself from there dashboard. Once you have that you copy the user id and password from with that url and insert into the settings of the app. Just search for Jobs2Careers in the plugin store to find and install the app. One cool feature is that you can limit the backfill to a certain location if you have a local job board. Get the plugin here.

    NOTE: you cant post jobs, the plugin is only search/browse so its probably a better option for blog owners who just want a little extra backfill revenue. There is no cost for the plugin.



  • Feature Your Site on this Job Board Directory
    By on November 14, 2016 | Comments Off on Feature Your Site on this Job Board Directory  Comments

    The CareerCloud directory of job boards and other career tools is now open for featured listings. For a one-time yearly fee of $197 your job board will be featured and highlighted in it’s category and the Tools homepage. In addition you site will receive;

    • Listing on top of your competitors with a screenshot and highlight.
    • Logo included in every monthly newsletter as ‘featured’ sponsor.
    • Social media shoutouts from the CareerCloud social media channels at regular intervals.

    Contact me to get started. Its a great way to give your brand more exposure and get more clicks. Currently the directory lists more than 1,100 job sites for every country, state and niche.


  • Fastest Growing Dental Job Board Seeks Acquisition or Investment
    By on November 7, 2016 | Comments Off on Fastest Growing Dental Job Board Seeks Acquisition or Investment  Comments

    Founded in 2011, but connecting Dentistry & Job Seekers since 2002, DentReps.com is dentistry’s exclusive job site for all hiring & talent acquisition needs for offices & organizations. Our members include Doctors, Specialists, Hygienists, Assistants, Dental Office & Group DSO Administration & Executives, Lab Technicians & Staff. With the acquisition of Dental Sales Careers in 2013, we also work with Dental Sales & Marketing Leaders! DentReps also offers services directly related to hiring including background checks, hiring assessments, & resume review and writing, as well as many others. Additionally, DentReps provides transition services and recruiting services to the industry.


    The DentReps business provides a unique opportunity to enter the dentistry recruitment space immediately and/or expand with revenue streams in dental staffing, recruitment and dental practice sales through the power of the DentReps brand.

    They also offers services directly related to hiring including background checks, hiring assessments, & resume review and writing, as well as many others.

    Why Acquire DentReps?

    • DentReps having at minimum, doubled revenue yearly & working with greater than 10,000 dental offices and organizations, will provide immediate profitable growth to your top and bottom lines. Significant growth potential if you concentrate on sales. $500k-$1 million is a possibility.
    • DentReps will provide the option for one current full time owner employee to focus on sales, existing clients and further business development, to deliver immense top and bottom line growth through new clients and added subscription services – especially recruiting – all while having the ability to utilize the internal resources of any suitor.
    • An investment in, or acquisition of DentReps, will allow any organization to create at minimum, 5 – 12 new practice acquisitions each year to either add to their current portfolio of offices or create an added revenue model through brokerage or simple referral services.
    • DentReps will allow any organization to market or even add their service(s) to thousands of subscribed offices and organizations as current DentReps’ Clients and transactions.
    • DentReps will add an independent, valuable resource and tool to any dental organization (or staffing firm) and their clients from staffing, to recruiting, to transition services.
    • DentReps will provide immediate access & a database of tens of thousands of registered job seekers to any Group DSO, Staffing or Recruiting Firm, but also continue to grow such assets.
    • Founder Peter Cargill intends or will entertain remaining with any suitor and brings a MBA with 20 years of sales & business development – 14 in dentistry, thousands of valued partnerships and relationships and is 100% confident DentReps will grow exponentially under the umbrella of the right organization.

    Key Stats

    • Sales are in the low six figures.
    • Registered candidates are nearing 50,000 seekers
    • More than 25,000 resumes on file
    • 60,000 job postings a year and climbing
    • Nearly a 800k user sessions will be recorded in 2016

    Strategic Acquisition: A strategic acquisition (preferrable) would allow DentReps to come under the umbrella of another company so that DentReps could utilize that organizations infrastructure, freeing up some operation costs and allow me to focus on sales and business development.  All while the buyer could utilize my relationships and “book of business” and hundreds of transactions to expand their services and/or products.

    Investment Will Also Be Considered:  The capital infused through an investment would allow me to build a formal team of people (sales, marketing, recruitment and operations) to focus on top line growth but also allow me to expand the platform to incorporate better, more integrated add-on solutions that carry little to no overhead or expense.


    Serious buyers should contact Pete Cargill at 781.987.1365 or email pete@dentreps.com

    “DentReps makes a great acquisition for several reasons because it’s in a niche that never gets old. Dental jobs, like those in healthcare can’t be outsourced, therefore the new owner will have a solid revenue stream for years to come. In addition, the chance to also use the site and its data to provide staffing services offers a secondary income stream that can add tremendous revenue over time.”

    -Chris Russell

  • Interview with a job board owner – Jennifer Schultz
    By on October 30, 2016 | Comments Off on Interview with a job board owner – Jennifer Schultz  Comments

    Last week I spoke at the HR Summit in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It’s an annual event for employers put on by Jennifer Schultz who runs the local job board RecruitmentQueen.com. I got a chance to interview her for my RecTech podcast and got her take on her business strategy, her background and how events help grow her business.

    One of the things she does well is provide a full suite of services that go way beyond job postings. If you run a job board and need more revenue take a page out of her playbook and expand. Holding offline events like she does can prove just as valuable as job postings.