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  • 70MillionJobs Seeks CTO
    By on December 17, 2018 | Comments Off on 70MillionJobs Seeks CTO  Comments

    70 Million Jobs is the first national, for-profit marketplace for 70 million Americans (1 in 3 adults) with criminal records. We’ve created a 2-sided marketplace which looks a lot like a job board (from off-the-shelf technology), and are seeing great growth in both jobs facilitated and revenue.

    In the past we’ve worked with a dev shop in San Diego that manages lots of job boards. But we know we can be doing much more. Our small team of 4 is not particularly technical, so we need someone to come in and take ownership of this part of our business. We’d probably need a new job board designed, and we’d like to include certain new HR tech (AI, etc), plus lots of needs regarding data, tracking of applicants, etc. Someone with experience with ATS’s would be helpful, as well as someone very attentive to UX (our applicant users pose certain unique challenges).

    We are a company seeking double bottom line returns: do massive social good and make a lot of money. We’re starting to work with a number of marquee VC’s. Literally everyone loves our mission–this is a chance to build something that truly makes a difference. Our goal is to eradicate recidivism by facilitating the employment of one million deserving men and women. If you’re ready to discover real meaning in your work, we might be a good fit. PS-we’re planning a move from SF to LA beginning of 2019.




    Job Type

    Full-Time Role


    Los Angeles

    Job Function

    Full Stack

    Remote Ok?


    Experience Required

    3+ Years

    Do you sponsor visas?



    $100,000 – $150,000


    5.00% – 15.00%

  • Job Board News from tilr, RecruitMilitary and Community Brands
    By on December 11, 2018 | Comments Off on Job Board News from tilr, RecruitMilitary and Community Brands  Comments

    Goodbye Resume, tilr Makes Recruiting Automatic

    For companies that need positions filled immediately, scouring job boards and conducting interviews are setbacks they can’t afford. tilr in Cincinnati hopes to vanquish the void and give companies a competitive edge by creating a job marketplace powered by something more straightforward: artificial intelligence.

    tilr’s matchmaking process is designed to eliminate the need for a resume. Individuals download the app, take a skills inventory assessment and then go through an interview with a tilr ambassador, all of which take the place of the interview process. Using artificial intelligence, tilr hopes their algorithms can present offers to job seekers within minutes of a position going live by matching their skills to the job’s requirements.

    tilr’s algorithms don’t only speed up the time between posting and hiring — they also hope to eliminate discrimination and inaccessibility from the recruitment process. Instead of viewing a candidate’s profile or job titles, the skills themselves provide point of entry. tilr also makes it a priority to provide the same benefits offered by full-time employers, including health care, financial services and training and development.


    RecruitMilitary Job Boards Adds Google Search

    RecruitMilitary said its collaboration with Google gives service members a more effective means to match their work experience in the military to a job in the civilian world.

    Through technology developed by Google, the military job seeker enters their M.O.S.code, which stands for military occupational specialty. By adding the city and other factors such as geographic distance, the RecruitMilitary job board produces listings that translate the applicant’s military job skills to the civilian job market.

    The collaboration with Google is only a few months old, but RecruitMilitary said the enhanced search function has already had an impact.

    RecruitMilitary reported that applications by veterans on the website went up by 13%. The company said there has been a 50% increase in the number of jobs that come up in a search.

    Chris York, a client partner at RecruitMilitary said the job board is now being used by 1.4 million users.

    Online Job Ad Marketing Rising

    Online job advertising revenue grew 14% in constant currency, reaching USD 13.9 billion in 2017…The largest three firms are Recruit Holdings, Linkedin, and SEEK.

    Source: Staffing Industry Analyst

    Community Brands Further Integrates Career Center and Learning Management System Capabilities for Associations

    Community Brands, the leading provider of cloud-based software for associations, nonprofits, schools and faith-based organizations, today unveiled a deeper integration between the company’s Crowd Wisdom learning management system (LMS) and YM Careers job board solution. The new capabilities enable associations to promote relevant professional development courses and programs to individuals who visit the association’s job board.

    With the new feature set, learning courses and programs from Crowd Wisdom are dynamically shown within YM Careers based on job search queries as well as the attributes of a job seeker’s resume. Promoted learning programs are included on the main job board, within job search results, and in the resume upload process. The resulting user experience is one that is both unique and personalized. The enhanced features add to an existing integration between the two solutions, which allows for the presentation of relevant job opportunities to learners, within the Crowd Wisdom learning portal.

    Job seekers benefit from a clearer understanding of the courses or credentials that may be needed to pursue new career opportunities. They can also act on relevant association learning and education opportunities right from the job board. The new capabilities allow associations to increase engagement and purchases of their learning programs, generate additional non-dues revenue and acquire new members from job seekers who are exposed to the broader value offered by the association, and who decide to join as a result.

    job board news

  • Green Jobs Get a Reboot
    By on December 11, 2018 | Comments Off on Green Jobs Get a Reboot  Comments

    The new owner of Greenjobs.com, a premium job board domain name has relaunched the business as a new job board on the SmartJobBoard platform. I helped launch the site recently via my concierge service.

    Adam Yamada-Hanff, who owns the site, tells me that in addition to typical green jobs like solar, he will be adding wind energy, EV and other types of renewable positions.

    Green jobs reached a peak fever in the early 2010’s and I even had a site for them back then. Today the biggest part of that market is solar jobs which are still going strong and growing each year. Adding cannabis jobs to the site couldn’t hurt and should provide a boost in traffic.

    Launching a job board with a great two word domain like Greenjobs.com will be a key part of its success if it does well. This domain brings with it credibility and trust which will attract visitors. In fact, it already receives type in traffic from people wondering if it exists so that intent bodes well for the newest member of our job board community.

  • Find Your Niche in These Fastest Growing Jobs
    By on December 4, 2018 | Comments Off on Find Your Niche in These Fastest Growing Jobs  Comments

    If you are looking to enter the job board business here is a good list of what jobs will be hot. A job site needs a strong job market to succeed so stats like these are good to have as you discover which niche you want to target.

    To me, I think #1 and #5 and #15 would offer the best opportunity for a new niche job board that targets those roles. There aren’t many specific sites that target those industries. To my knowledge no job board exists today for janitorial/cleaning jobs. That could be an opportunity to explore.

  • New Free job board platform has launched
    By on November 27, 2018 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    We have a new entrant in the job board software market.

    It’s called Job Board Fire. It is completely free to use and makes money through a 10% rev share component. Below is a quick screencast from my Youtube channel.

    If they keep iterating they have a chance to succeed, but may need to charge for the product eventually. Giving it away for free is good for getting new customers but the majority of their customers probably aren’t making any money yet. As of now it is a very basic product and will need many more updates to ensure they stick around.

    Nevertheless, It’s good to see a new player in our space.

  • Technical.ly is a Job Match Making Site for the Mid-Atlantic Region
    By on November 26, 2018 | Comments Off on Technical.ly is a Job Match Making Site for the Mid-Atlantic Region  Comments

    Just spotted:  Technical.ly Match beta, a double opt-in direct placement service that “fits the needs of today’s workforce and promises to deliver only quality results to both sides of the process.” It is targeted for Mid-Atlantic states like Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

    In a stealth pilot, the site claims more than 2,000 Technical.ly readers from seven states opted-in and 10 companies are actively matching with them. Companies such as Philadelphia-headquartered Chariot Solutions and Maryland-based Stanley Black & Decker have found technical hires through them. Tecnical.ly claims a handful more that were placed during their pilot. Visit the site.

    They are pitching the platform as a talent to company matchmaker. That could be just be a fancy word for job board because I noticed at least some of the applies went tot he company email address. Pretty simple, but still effective.

    Technical.ly is also an online community for the tech industry in the area it serves. Other sites like this include VentureFizz for the Boston area. They started with content around news, events, startups and eventually added jobs to the mix.

    This formula is what I mean when I tell job board owners to ‘create a community of like minded professionals‘. Starting a job board today? Good, but first you must build a foundation. Spend your first year building up an audience so that eventually jobs make a natural evolution in your offerings. This means focusing on content—and lots of it. Blogs, podcasts, videos, events will enable you to find and keep the audience you need. You can still launch with jobs on day one but your primary goal should be creating content that resonates in your niche.

  • Another Freelance Job Market Set to Enter U.S.
    By on November 20, 2018 | Comments Off on Another Freelance Job Market Set to Enter U.S.  Comments

    WorkGenius, an AI-based freelancing platform that enables enterprise clients to staff projects around the globe, has just extended its series A funding to a total of $10M. The company is set to enter the U.S. freelance market joining the ranks of Upwork which just went public.

    The additional funding will be used to grow the US presence and develop the product further. WorkGenius predominantly serves eCommerce, Media & Publishing, as well as high growth technology companies.

    The team counts 55 people and is set to grow to 100 by the end of 2019. It was founded in Hamburg, Germany.

    Freelance job sites are a hot commodity these days because of the widespread growth of the industry. It will be interesting to see how fast these new players can gain traction in the market with several such sites now in existence.

  • Google Jobs TV Spot
    By on November 19, 2018 | Comments Off on Google Jobs TV Spot  Comments

    I caught this ad on TV for Veterans Day last week. Google is promoting their job search feature for veterans. I wonder if this means that Google will be entering the TV recruiting wars alongside Indeed and Ziprecruiter as they try to build the Google Jobs brand?

  • Q& A with RussMedia Solutions – European Job Board Software Provider
    By on November 12, 2018 | Comments Off on Q& A with RussMedia Solutions – European Job Board Software Provider  Comments

    RussMedia Solutions is an international company that offers job software services for online businesses. From what I can tell they seem to offer a good value and they tell me they are flexible when it comes to customizing packages and platforms to their clients’ needs. They are not a big player yet, but may be worth your while to give them a look.

    Job boards are their strong point, but they do just as well with other verticals like real-estate, cars or general. Their portfolio includes even a horses classifieds portal.

    They tell me that since they are early adopters of a “microservice architecture” approach, they give their clients more flexibility which help saves money on support hours needed.

    I conducted an email Q&A with Adrian Daniel, their Chief Revenues Officer. Find them online at russmediasolutions.com.

    1. Who is Russmedia?

    RussMedia Solutions is an international company that offers software services for online businesses. Our solutions include Job Board Software and other specific solutions for Real Estate Platforms, Car Portals and other online classifieds. We apply a structured approach to development, supported by dedicated project managers and product owners. Today our expertise includes digital marketing, user experience, SEO and conversion rate optimization.

    Some of our key features include: semantic search, matching and classification based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, great filtering capabilities, user alerts plus very powerful analytics.

    Why us? We offer some of the best value in the industry, we have leading technology that deliver unmatched services and great products and services

    2. When was it started? 

    RussMedia, our parent company is almost 100 years old and has activity in the online media for decades, RussMedia Solutions began it’s activity in 2005 as the software development department of InformMedia. the digital media department at the time. It started with only 3 developers based in Oradea, Romania. We started to develop online portal solutions as our first project came to be – We took on the development and maintenance of news, job, car and real estate portals, all developed in .NET frameworks for our news brands. Today our software powers over 100 digital brands. While for our news platform we continue to develop WordPress as solution, Symfony powers our recruitment platform. Our team consists of more than 30 dedicated developers. We apply a structured approach to development, supported by dedicated project managers and product owners. Today our expertise includes digital marketing, user experience, SEO and conversion rate optimization.

    3. What sites do you power?

    • Cvonline.hu
    • Laendlejob.at
    • Jobs.tt.com
    • Jobs.gehaltsreporter.de
    • Topjob.hu
    • Topjob.li
    • Vorarlberglehre.at

    4. Major features of the platform?

    We have many features available for our platforms, just to name a few relevant for the job boards we have semantic search smart apply, powerful analytics, job alerts, advanced filtering capabilities plus many other microservices.

    Semantic search – Features like semantic search will help your users generate better search results and more relevant. This feature will search the correct form of a word even if your users type it wrong. In other words, it’s also typo tolerance and this is great!

    Smart apply – Sometimes we need a little bit of help when it comes to digital creation. In this case, smart apply is the best tool for a user who is not familiar with how to write a CV. This feature will help your users to automatically convert documents or different types of information into digital CV-s.

    Powerful Analytics – Keeping track of where you are is one of the most important things. With our analytics tools your clients will be able to see how they are performing and most importantly, they will see which are those job posts that perform the best.

    Job Alerts – Exactly as in social media, alerts are a big part of a persons’ experience. Having job alerts will keep your users tuned to your job board and will help them keeping track of the most interested job posts the are present on your platform.

    Filtering – Filtering is great. Having the possibility to see only the things you want to see is key to every successful business. Instead of having all these kinds of the information your users can now filter their searches, so they can have a better look to what they’re interested in.

    Many more incredible features – Get a list of all the great features of our job boards by scheduling a demo with this. This will give you clarity of everything what we can do for you.

    5. Can you breakdown your pricing options?

    We have fixed set-up fee that starts at 6000 euros, depending on the size of the project and then we have a monthly fee starting with 1000, again depending on the size of the portal: users, content, traffic.

    6. What type of support do you provide?

    We offer chat support, phone and email support to our clients. Our primary tool is our ticketing system that helps us manage all the tasks and create a community feel for our client base. 24/7 dedicated team – dedicated account manager for each client

    7. What advice do you have for new job board owners to help them succeed?

    Planning for at least 30% plus of what you expect in traffic and users, so you can scale easily and make sure you will be sustainable over time. Also try use the microservices architecture model instead of the monolithic approach to make sure management and transition will be easier to handle. We have some really good feed-back from our existing customers on this new approach and the main gain is less time and money spent on development. This, at least for us, leaves more time for innovation and research. Take data driven decisions. Develop and/or implement features based on data intelligence, testing.

  • Next Gen Job Boards Getting Funding
    By on November 6, 2018 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    There are a variety of what I would call ‘next generation’ type job boards getting funded across the globe. Many of them are built around matching technology and other features for helping candidates find the right fit.

    Below is a roundup of the latest tools receiving funding, many of which are coming from other countries.

    BoostMe360 – South Africa $1.35 Million

    When job seekers register on BoostMe360.com, they complete a personalized profile, including a short video or audio clip introducing themselves to prospective employers. Employers are able to customise the filters to match the required skills and interests of the job posting. Potential candidates receive an SMS, email and profile notification to be interviewed or hired, if they go on to be hired, they earn additional points against their profile on the platform, as their employer rates their job performance. The more points these contract workers earn, the higher they rank among candidates registered on the portal.

    Rota, a London, UK-based staffing app, raised £1.8m

    Rota is a tech focused startup that provides an app to supply high-quality staff to leading venues in five major cities across the UK. The company now has over 5,000 active members and operates in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    Hackajob – Raises £5M – London

    Founded in 2014 by CEO Razvan Creanga and COO Mark Chaffey, hackajob allows companies to hire technical talent based on skills rather than backgrounds.
    With hackajob, clients are automatically matched with curated candidates from their talent pool of over 60,000 technical people and can view their code or cloud infrastructure implementation alongside their profile. From there, companies can manage interviews, integrate with existing ATS’s and ask candidates to complete specific challenges unique for their company, built by hackajob.

    Lorem – $2.5 Million – New York

    Founded in 2017 by Charlie Fogarty, COO, Lorem provides a platform that connects business owners to a curated, professional network of freelance website designers and developers to work on task-based projects at an affordable price. By conducting an assessment of a freelancer’s technical background, professional experience and client service, the company assures businesses are matched with the right expert to address their design and development needs. It originated from the Boston Techstars accelerator.

    If you want to know where job board technology is headed, the above sites offer a glimpse into that future. I think matching technology is something traditional job boards will have to adopt to remain relevant. The folks at Jobiqo have some of that technology built into their platform. I hope that other job board software providers will follow suit. Of the 4 new products mentioned above, Hackajob’s technology seems to be the most impressive. Lorem is entering the freelance space dominated by established players so I’m not sure we need another freelance marketplace. But its early in the freelance evolution so they may have a chance at success.