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  • Breaking News: Another job board acquired
    By on October 18, 2016 | Comments Off on Breaking News: Another job board acquired  Comments

    Another staffing firm buys a job board. RecruitMilitary.com a longtime job board and job fair company started in 1998 has been purchased. Details here.


  • Create a job board pricing guide
    By on October 18, 2016 | Comments Off on Create a job board pricing guide  Comments

    I cam across a new local job site for Franklin County PA the other day called FranklinCountyWorks. They created a PDF version of their prices that I thought is a good idea. By creating a PDF version you can easily share your sites pricing information and other pertinent details in a way that makes it easy for employer inquiries. [Link to PDF].

    This kind of media kit is something every job board should have on hand. Here’s one I created for AviaNation.com the airline job board. There is a PDF version of this same page so it makes it easy to email to anyone requesting more info.

    franklin county works

  • ZipRecruiter CEO explains how their site is evolving
    By on October 17, 2016 | Comments Off on ZipRecruiter CEO explains how their site is evolving  Comments

    Check out this interview (via the Hiring on All Cylinders podcast) with ZipRecruiter‘s CEO Ian Siegel recorded at the recent HR Tech conference. In it he chats about how their job board is evolving and starting to focus more on quality matching. I think its a good example of how job boards can get better at their job of attracting the right applicant to their clients jobs. For my review of the conference, click here.

  • New research says most people start search on job boards
    By on October 11, 2016 | Comments Off on New research says most people start search on job boards  Comments


    There is some new research out of the UK that indicates job boards as the main starting point for job seekers when beginning a job search.

    A clear message from the research is the online job site is still the number one preferred starting point for candidates, with 68% of respondents saying that they found it the most helpful in comparison to just 38% who found recruitment agencies of most help. In fact, given past experience, if searching for a job today 94% stated that they would be likely to use an online job site. This identifies a misconception by the candidate in terms of recruitment agency vs job board, since the majority of roles on job boards actually come from recruitment agencies directly. This demonstrates a clear need for recruiters to be actively following up on candidates when they receive an application directly via a job board.

    This is not news to me but further proves the value of job boards overall. They are starting points because they make finding jobs efficient and easy so it’s nice to see some research that backs them up.

    Job seekers need to maximize their search if they want to be successful so its in their best interest to utilize all available sites – local, niche and national ones that apply to them. By “maxxing out” job board usage they’ll have a better chance of finding the right job.

  • New Job Boards
    By on October 3, 2016 | Comments Off on New Job Boards  Comments

    Each month I find and add new job boards to a directory over on CareerCloud. Here’s a few of the newer sites I have found recently.

    OLD GEEK JOBS – tech jobs for those over 40. Love the focus since ageism is so prominent these days. Started by a 37 yr old techie who felt he was being discriminated ageist by younger startup people.


    FETCH FIND – jobs from the pet industry. Here job, here boy…


    MS TECH – IT jobs for women. Female targeted job boards are becoming a thing.


  • Stats from the AngelList job board
    By on September 20, 2016 | Comments Off on Stats from the AngelList job board  Comments

    Bloomberg has an interesting article on the startup investor community AngelList which also doubles as a free job board. They have some interesting statistics mentioned that caught my eye and would be useful to know as a reference point for other sites.


    The company said its job board reaches 3.1 million people and includes 370,000 companies. AngelList said it makes about 78,000 job matches a month.

    What’s also interesting is another source of revenue they have launched.

    The company is stepping up its role as a technology recruiter with a white-glove service called A-List. Businesses can pay AngelList $10,000 to curate a list of candidates and help set up interviews.

    Other companies like Indeed which just launched Indeed Prime are now getting into the staffing/RPO business. This is a sure sign that smart job boards are evolving and expanding their offerings.


  • Designing your job board newsletter
    By on September 19, 2016 | Comments Off on Designing your job board newsletter  Comments

    If you run a job board I hope you are actively emailing your users. I once talked to a job board owner who had collected 100,000 emails since 2002 but never ever emailed them anything. What a waste. If you ever plan on selling your site one day you’d better have a nice big email list. Your list is perhaps the best marketing channel you have to drive traffic and revenue.

    The other day UXjobsboard sent me their newsletter and I thought it was a good example to share with my readers since it does a pretty good job of highlighting important news and information. You would do well to follow their example. And if you don’t have a newsletter yet, get on it. I recommend Mailchimp.

    Header area: lead with your logo. Also list the basic links for posting or finding jobs. The first piece of content are the latest jobs which helps show off the site’s latest content. Doing that each week keeps the site “fresh” in the eyes of the reader.


    Browse all jobs button takes readers right to all the latest jobs. Latest profiles shows that new users are registering on the site.


    Big buttons help to encourage other users to create a profile. Links to related content and industry events.


  • New Job Board Company Seeks to Hire Industry Talent
    By on September 15, 2016 | Comments Off on New Job Board Company Seeks to Hire Industry Talent  Comments

    A new job board company is hiring. Industry talent wanted.

    We are launching a new national job board and web site in one month and are currently seeking candidates and consultants to work for our company in the following positions – SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Business Development. We are looking for team players that have a minimum of 3 years of industry experience in order to apply. Our corporate office is in Boca Raton, FL. For consideration, please send your resume to:

    Laura Kerbyson
    VP of Operations

    If you are an experienced job board professional in any area and looking for a change, we may have an excellent opportunity for you. Please submit your credentials for review.


  • 5 reasons why it’s good to own a niche job board today
    By on September 12, 2016 | Comments Off on 5 reasons why it’s good to own a niche job board today  Comments

    The big job boards in our industry are not exactly the darlings of the recruitment industry these days. Recruiters are balking at their high prices and the many unqualified candidates that they generate. Fortune 1000 companies are reducing their spend on these boards in favor of other alternatives. By last count job boards drive 15-20% of all external applicants to employers and that has been slowly declining over the years.


    A lot of this sentiment has been caused by sites like CareerBuilder and Monster who finally gave up and sold for a pittance of what is was once worth (and now CB is also rumored for sale). The once pioneering site that helped spawn an industry lost its way over time. Because these big sites get most of the press in the industry they cast a shadow over the rest of the sites who are already delivering value and landing people jobs.

    But I, and the rest of the established small to mid-size boards know differently. There are thousands of local and niche job boards out there who have what employers want: targeted candidates.

    So if you are one of these sites I predict good times ahead. Here’s why.

    • The job market is tightening,…there are now a record number of jobs being posted online (5.9 million) It’s a sure sign that employers are having a harder time filling open positions, which means they’ll have to spend more money to attract the people they need. Therefore, recruitment advertising spend will likely increase.
    • Niche and local job sites will always have a future because they are highly specialized, attracting the right kind of professionals that employers seek. Recruiters will always be willing to pay to reach these audiences.
    • Small business (SMB), relies heavily on job boards to drive traffic. They will ALWAYS need job boards to promote their hiring needs. For SMBs, job boards represent a higher percentage of candidate flow vs a Fortune 1000. My guesstimate is more like 50%-75% depending on their size. Since most job growth comes from SMBs their job board spend will continue.
    • The big job boards are expensive and impersonal. Niche boards often cost less and have a more personal relationship with their clients.  I spoke to one client of of one of the big sites who is shopping around for cheaper alternatives. The market is ripe for picking off the client base of the big guys.
    • Snagajob, Ziprecruiter and other new new job startups are still getting millions in funding. Job boards are being acquired. New ones are starting every day and thriving like WayUp. Other companies in the HR tech space want these kind of sites to help them round out their core offerings and gain access to candidates. Acquisitions will continue.

    In short, if your job board has traffic and delivers candidates, it’s a business that others envy. The riches are in the niches. Aint that bitchin’…

  • Competitive lead gen service now available
    By on September 7, 2016 | Comments Off on Competitive lead gen service now available  Comments

    Are you looking for more leads for your job board? I may have the answer to your prayers.

    I can deliver a list of fresh, targeted email addresses that you can use to attract new employers to your site.

    Delived in a .csv or text file at a cost of .20-.25 cents per email. And once I have your first list I can update it once per month for a small fee.

    I have a great system in place for which I can deliver your list in 24-72 hours depending on the industry you serve.

    Call me for more details 203-572-2053