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  • If you own a blog and want to add job listings to it there are a number of plugins to do that. But most of those only  backfill from Indeed. But no more. Pete Metz, owner of SkiptheDrive, has changed that. He developed a WordPress plugin that lets you search and browse listings from Jobs2Careers, now the 2nd largest aggregator behind Indeed.

    I have installed it to display recruiting/HR jobs on my site RecruitingHeadlines.com. View it here.


    There are 2 steps required to set it up. First you have to have a publisher account from J2C and create a new feed for yourself from there dashboard. Once you have that you copy the user id and password from with that url and insert into the settings of the app. Just search for Jobs2Careers in the plugin store to find and install the app. One cool feature is that you can limit the backfill to a certain location if you have a local job board. Get the plugin here.

    NOTE: you cant post jobs, the plugin is only search/browse so its probably a better option for blog owners who just want a little extra backfill revenue. There is no cost for the plugin.



  • There is no shortage of job board WordPress themes and here’s another that just came across my desk. JobMonster. You can buy it for $59.

    jobmonster wordpress job board theme

    The interface is nicely done. Features include a resume database, logos on job results, blogging of course and a mobile friendly design.


    It’s worth a look if you are WordPress savvy or have a developer at your disposal. One thing with WP sites to be aware of however, is that they require a decent amount of maintenance so as long as you have the time and resources to work on them they are a cheap option to get a job board off the ground.



  • There’s a new WordPress job board in town and its name is: WPJobus. It’s $58 and available for download on Themeforest.

    The developers emailed me recently and since I’m a sucker for new job board technology I was glad to mention it here on Job Board Secrets.

    Here’s what they claim about the new theme;

    This theme is completely made in WordPress so you can run it just like any other blog. We probably shouldn’t brag, but we seriously think that it is the most complete and easiest to use job board out there. You can register your company, post jobs, curriculums and many other amazing things. One of our favorite details about this theme though is that it lets you hide the menu bar. This makes your company profile and you resumé even more professional. And all this for a microstock file price. You can purchase it on ThemeForest and within a couple of clicks your website is ready to rock!


  • Here’s a new mobile friendly wordpress plugin for job boards. Its one of the more elegant designs I have come across. Download it here for $55.

  • RanchWork.com, a niche job board for working on ranches out west has recently launched. The owner Peter Askew recently emailed me to say that it took him about 3 weeks to configure the backend using a wordpress job board theme called Templatic. Its a simple site that has a post a job or post a job wanted posting system. With a niche job site like this thats all you really need to get going. There’s no real need for a private resume database on a site like. Its simple and easy to use from a job seeker or canddiate perspective.

    Good luck Peter!


    Notice also how tightly he integrated Adsense into the design by using similar link colors.

  • I was recently alerted to a new wordpress theme for a job board. Its called JobEngine. According to its creator, “JobEngine – a Jobboard wordpress theme which is designed based on the needs of Job recruiter, and job hunter.” It does have a mobile friendly version which is essential for job boards today.


  • WordPress Job Board

    jobpress professional wordpress theme1 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Demo | Download


    preview   large preview1 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Demo | Download

    Nine to Five (best designed theme in my opinion)

    01 preview   large preview1 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Demo | Download

    Job Jockey

    jobjockey 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    JobJockey is a premium WordPress theme.

    Demo | Download

    Job Board

    bmain1 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Demo | Download


    jobpress 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Demo | Download


    Job Manager


    Zartis Job Plugin


    Job Manager by SmartRecruiters




    My Job Application


    Job Listing


    WordPress Jobbin




  • Joining the ranks of Jobpress and JobRoller, a new wordpress theme for job boards is out. Its called JobJockey. Price is $69 which is the cheapest of the 3 templates. It doesn’t appear to support backfill from the aggregators but its a nice looking template. View their demo.

  • The latest version of JobRoller is now available. This release (1.5) includes several bug fixes, new features, and an important Indeed integration change. Please read this entire email before performing the upgrade as not everyone may wish to do so. I use this software on Audio Jobs if you want to see it in action. Below is an email update I recently received from them.

    What’s New?

    The most notable changes in 1.5 have to do with the Indeed integration and a new resume (CV) subscription monetization feature.

    Indeed Changes

    As you know, JobRoller pulls in job listings from Indeed.com. As powerful as the Indeed integration is, their API limits the job description to only 1-2 sentences. This means jobs pulled into JobRoller are pretty bare bones and don’t provide much value. Understandably, that doesn’t work well for most of our customers so we decided to make a change.

    We’ve been working directly with the Indeed team to figure out the best solution and unfortunately, they were not able to fulfill our request and increase the job description length. With that news, we felt it was best to rework how the integration was done.

    What Has Changed?

    Indeed jobs are no longer being pulled directly into the JobRoller database. Instead, they are dynamically displayed within your existing listings and within search results. This allows you to still monetize your site with Indeed listings and keep your JobRoller database filled with only user-submitted jobs. Existing Indeed jobs in your JobRoller database will not be affected.

    We felt it was important to make these changes in 1.5 without sacrificing Indeed functionality. This change was also required by the Indeed team to better align us with their API terms of use.

    What Are My Options?

    If you wish to continue pulling Indeed jobs into the JobRoller database, you should not upgrade to 1.5. Honestly, we feel there is no reason to hold back since the Indeed jobs are still being displayed — just not stored in the database.

    Resume Subscriptions & Radius Search

    With 1.5, we’ve introduced a new way to monetize your site. There’s now an option to charge a subscription fee for browsing your resume database. This was one of the most requested features so we felt it was important to add in this release.

    You can also now search the resume database with the same powerful radius search used on the job listings. The radius distance drop-down allows you to refine your search based on location. In order for this to work, a new location field has been added to the resume submission process. This captures the longitude and latitude coordinates so the radius search works correctly.

  • WordPress plugim company Appthemes has published a new job board software plugin called JobRoller. It is available for $69 – $199 depending on the version you get.

    It has a pretty solid interface which these plugins all seem to do well at. But there is no support for backfill and the only payment option appears to be Paypal. Click here for the demo site to see it in action.