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  • Recruitology Now Offering Original Backfill with Competitive Pricing
    By on October 9, 2018 | Comments Off on Recruitology Now Offering Original Backfill with Competitive Pricing  Comments

    Recruitology, which powers digital recruitment classifieds for hundreds of media outlets, ranging from small local publications to large media properties like the LA Times and the NY Daily News is now offering original backfill to participating job boards.

    They have thousands of local job listings from small and medium employers looking to advertise locally and are constantly looking to get their jobs in front of more niche audiences as part of their partner network.

    If your job board is in any of the industries below you would be a good candidate for their network.

    • Accounting and Finance
    • Call Center
    • Cannabis
    • Construction
    • Education
    • Energy & Engineering
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Information Technology
    • Law Enforcement
    • Manufacturing & Trade
    • Nursing
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Transportation and Logistics

    “Original backfill” is better than traditional backfill because you get to list the full job listing versus just a snippet.

    Benefits to job sites that accept jobs from Recruitology:

    • Unique content from small and medium employers
    • Jobs not usually found anywhere else, as many of these employers don’t always advertise on the larger job sites.
    • An additional revenue stream

    Recruitology tells me their payouts are on par or better with other players. Partner sites can request a custom XML feed of jobs to scrape.

    Contact: Tim Weaver by email tim.weaver@recruitology.com or call 415-263-1300

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  • Tribune Publishing Partners with Recruitology to Power More Newspaper Job Sites
    By on August 21, 2018 | Comments Off on Tribune Publishing Partners with Recruitology to Power More Newspaper Job Sites  Comments

    The owner of the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, and several other top news brands have partnered with Recruitology, providers of  a talent recruitment platform to power more of their top media properties. It was announced via press release yesterday. 

    “Our goal is to help media partners leverage their local brand while also being able to offer employers access to top national brands,” said Roberto Angulo, CEO of Recruitology. “We’re excited about this partnership. The end result is a one-stop solution for employers who gain access to relevant and interested job seekers both locally and nationally.”

    Recruitology will power local job boards for the Tribune Publishing properties, as well as the Los Angeles Times, and the San Diego Union Tribune. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like on the Daily News (NY) version.

    According to the release, media specialists at these properties will also offer employers vertical-specific job targeting to candidates on niche job boards in areas such as healthcare, education, technology and finance. At the same time, employers will be able to take advantage of programmatic advertising campaigns that distribute jobs to the local media site and to large national job sites while automatically setting and adjusting the bid price on the sites to which these jobs are sent.

    “As the trusted source of local news in each of its markets, Tribune continuously aims to innovate in order to bring the best solutions to its audience and advertisers.” said Gladys Arroyo, Vice President of Classifieds for Tribune Publishing. “We look forward to collaborating with Recruitology to offer employers a turnkey recruitment solution”.

    Angulo tells me they now power 65 boards and growing. Newspapers have long outsourced their job sites to companies like Monster and CareerBuilder. But those firms did a poor job of leveraging that traffic and helping their media partners make money. It’s good to see players like Recruitology take a fresher approach. God knows the newspapers need the revenue.

  • Job Board News Bytes
    By on February 19, 2018 | Comments Off on Job Board News Bytes  Comments

    My phone has been off the hook with consulting requests these past few weeks. Interest in the job board business seems to be booming. And lots of news is being made.

    • Ezayo.com is a new site for HR jobs.
    • Find.jobs set to launch. owners of the .jobs domains are trying to reboot interest in their domain business. The problem with this concept though is that a domain name does not mean you will have a successful business. Plus with Google Jobs now reducing typical SEO traffic the .jobs domain is not as useful as it used to be. Their new flagship sites boasts 8 million jobs and uses the Google search technology. [LINK]
    • Recruitology announced the availability of its newest job network for the cannabis industry, connecting employers with candidates across this developing new market. The Cannabis Network features a wide spectrum of positions, from growers, to warehouse technicians, brand ambassadors, and bud-tenders. [LINK]
    • MedJobCafe.com, a company that provides job boards, career path and development services, as well as career fairs to healthcare professionals, announced the launch of a redesigned, easier-to-navigate website. As the largest network of professional healthcare job boards for nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, and biotechnicians, MedJobCafe.com. The job boards include: NursingJobCafe.comPharmacistJobCafe.comDentistJobCafe.comAlliedHealthJobCafe.comBiotechJobCafe.com
    • The Mitula Group, owners of an overseas job aggregator is launching an investment fund. [LINK]
    • Jobeum partners with ShoCard to enhance digital reputation solutions in US. [LINK]
    • Job.com is now a blockchain based recruitment site that uses blockchain technology to keep job seeker data secure and private. It launches April 19th. They are owned by MyJobMatcher based in the UK. [LINK]
    • Former job board Beyond.com (now Nexxt) apparently changed its name because the owner bought out the investors and used the sale of the domain to Bed, Bath& Beyond to help finance the buyout. Interesting story.[LINK]

    Uncommon.co is a new AI based matching site that just got 18 million in funding. Employers only pay for ‘qualified’ applicants so they say. Its a hug amount for a jobs startup. Matching sites have been tried before and most have failed. I don’t know if this is worthy but bears watching. [LINK]


    Google Jobs has announced that people looking for work in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia can use their search engine to find information on available job offers that go according to their needs more quickly and easily. Latin America, here comes the big G. I wonder how soon it will get to Europe.

  • Recruitology Snags More Media Sites
    By on January 30, 2018 | Comments Off on Recruitology Snags More Media Sites  Comments

    Recruitology continues to signup new newspaper and TV site deals. The newest one gets them into 1,700 online properties. They along with ZipRecruiter and RealMatch now dominate the newspaper/TV media space when it comes to partnerships like this. 

    From the press release;

    The Local Media Consortium (LMC), a strategic partnership of over 75 leading media companies representing more than 1,700 digital properties, and Recruitology, a cloud-based recruitment platform, announced that they are partnering to give LMC’s members access to Recruitology’s cutting-edge technology, which connects employers with the right job candidates.

    Through the partnership, LMC members are able to take advantage of negotiated contract terms and rates, speeding up their time-to-market for new digital recruiting solutions. A large number of LMC members already rely on Recruitology to power their recruitment advertising business with private label job boards, programmatic job targeting to leading national aggregators, and access to dozens of niche job sites.

    “We’re honored to serve as the technology platform for LMC members to reclaim ownership of their local recruitment advertising markets,” said Roberto Angulo, co-founder and CEO of Recruitology. “We look forward to helping media companies deploy our tools to attract and retain employers of all sizes.”

    “LMC continues to add to its member services and to deliver technology solutions that help our members expand their recruitment presence in local markets,” said Rusty Coats, CEO of the LMC. “This partnership comes at a time when growing digital revenue is more important than ever. We believe Recruitology can help our members remain strong and relevant for local advertisers and readers.”

    Accord to ERE, they will soon power sites like Philly.com, Boston Globe and Seattle Times. It looks like Monster powers most of the LMC sites currently.