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  • myCNAjobs.com is a well designed job board
    By on August 26, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    Niche job board myCNAjobs.com has a new look which I really dig. Its one of those “micro-niche” type job boards that focus on one type of job. In this case, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). They just introduced a new “badging” system for their job seekers. According to the article;

    For those on the job hunt, the latest release from myCNAjobs allows caregivers to earn badges for caregiver training achievements and standout for their willingness to work in various positions, including live-in caregiver jobs. Employers can find the badges displayed on caregiver profiles, allowing them to filter the workforce to find a qualified hire.

    I think giving badges to job seekers is a great idea that most any niche site can copy. Its another way to keep seekers engaged on your site as well as providing employers with more trustworthy candidates.

    And I love the new look of this job board. Its beautiful. I especially like the zip code search function. When you have a job board with only one type of job you only need to provide a way to search by location since the job title (aka keyword) is always the same.


  • Jobboard.io announces new pricing plans, rev share
    By on August 14, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    New job board software provider Jobboard.io has announced new pricing and the addition of a revenue sharing plan. According to the company;

    This is great plan for folks just getting started with their job board who aren’t yet ready for a monthly commitment. This allows Job Board owners to really take the time to market and build your audience without immediately worrying about earning revenue.

    With this plan we simply take a 25% share of any job posted on your site – with no monthly fixed fee. So for example if you charged $10.00 for a Job Posting, we would take $2.50, and the remaining $7.50 (minus any Stripe fees) would be sent to your Stripe account.

    This makes it more attractive for newbie job boards to get off the ground with no upfront cost. Its nice to have another option besides Jobamatic when it comes to launching new sites.

    You can read more about this on their blog. The new pricing plans are as follows;

    $0 month with 25% rev share
    $99 month for 1 job board
    $249 month for 3 job boards

  • Hopping on the temp job bandwagon
    By on July 29, 2013 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    I have been reading recently of the surge in temp hiring across the US. Basically employers are really gravitating towards hiring temp workers to fill certain voids. So it got me thinking about a temp job board. I did some searches and couldn’t find may. There was Net-temps, and that was really about it. So sensing an opporunity I have launched 99tempjobs.com.

    The site home page is on my own server since I wanted a custom interface to find temp jobs. The backend, search.99tempjobs.com is powered by Jobamatic which provided a quick and dirty job board on the fly.

    Notice how i set up the home page. For one thing I inserted the word “temp” into the search box to give the user an easy way to find temp jobs. I also created columns of text for all the states. I think the site eventually will rank for these terms eventually since there are very few localized temp job sites.

    99tempjobs.com the temp job board

    I also set all state links to filter only temp jobs. For instance here’s a sample link for temp jobs Connecticut.


    To get those specific results I just searched for all jobs in CT and on the left menu in a Jobamatic site they have a ‘Temporary’ filter which adds this syntax to the URL structure: sb-pd/fjt-temporary

    So I created all the links that way. Now the user will generally only see temp jobs when they search the site. That should help the SEO as well. The search jobs part of the site also has lots of the right keywords in the header and footer.

    Spotting a trend is part of a good niche board strategy. Follow the job market and start sites that have a growing niche. Add content, get people to link to you and it will grow over time.

  • Getting indexed by SimplyHired
    By on July 22, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    Want your job feed indexed by SimplyHired? Well I just discovered they have an online form.

    Just fill it in here;


    I’m not sure how quickly they will index you but give it a try.

    And here are links to the other important job search engines.

    CareerJet: http://www.careerjet.com/advertise/
    Jobs2careers: https://www2.jobs2careers.com/retail_login.php
    Indeed: http://www.indeed.com/intl/en/jobboards.html

  • Juju.com wants your backfill (Q&A)
    By on July 15, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    I met up with some Juju.com execs recently and asked them to do a quick Q&A for my readers about their job search engine and its backfill opportunities. Check it out.

    1) Who is Juju.com?

    Juju.com is a comprehensive search engine for jobs with links to millions of jobs from employer career portals, recruiter websites, job boards, and other employment sites. Our goal is to make job search easier. We strive to create tools that make jobs more accessible and job search results more relevant.

    2) How many listings does your search engine have?

    Juju.com has over 4.5 million jobs.

    3) Why should job boards backfill through Juju?

    The Juju.com Publisher Program is a great way to enhance the user experience on your site while adding a significant source of additional revenue. Our partners can include our jobs in both email alerts and as backfill. Our API is designed to allow our partners maintain the look in feel of their site while returning relevant results.

    4) What kind of revenue can a typical job board earn?

    We offer top payouts to our Publisher Partners. Payout varies based on your audience. Our revenue model is cost per click and we split the revenue generated with our partners. Between a high click through rate and a high CPC our program is extremely competitive.

    5) Who are some of your partner sites?

    We currently have over 350 partner sites. Our partners vary from large generalist sites such as Job.com to niche sites such as Warehousejobs.com and Bankjobs.com.

    6) How can a job board signup?

    Creating a Publisher Account is simple. You can create a Publisher ID by going to Juju.com/publisher/signup. Once created I send it over along with our API specifications. I’m available to answer any questions or concerns during the integration process.

    For more info contact: Christopher Campbell |Vice President | Juju.com
    ccampbell@juju.com | (212) 537-3898 ext:6

  • How important is social media to your SEO?
    By on July 8, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    Answer: Very Important!

    Look at this graphic from SearchMetrics.


    Social media likes/shares are critical to how search engines see your content. I think the good news from this report is that using social media is free and you can pay for more likes on Facebook fairly cheaply. Read the whole report here as I think its important for any job board to understand.

  • My video from SHRM13
    By on July 1, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    Here’s the video of the panel I was on at the recent SHRM conference. Johhny Campbell drafted me that morning to sit in. We talked about passive candidates, social recruiting and I threw in a few job board praises too.

  • Adding video screening to your job board
    By on June 25, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    In case you havent noticed video interviewing is in the early stages of going mainstream. There are now 25+ video interviewing companies such as HireVue and Wowzer. But when will job boards get into the mix? I think video could be useful as a “pre-screening tool” for your employer clients as part of a jobb board backend.

    Aleksandra Czajka runs VideoInterviewPractice.com and she wants to partner with job boards. She has some pretty cool video interviewing software and wants to create an api for job boards to plugin. I asked her to describe how it might work in a pre-screening function. She writes;

    Video screenings, (recruiting techniques where candidates are asked to record answers to questions on video before they are brought in for in-person interviews), are increasing coming into popularity among recruiters and internal HR teams. Many companies are taking the initiative to build out their own technology for performing video screening within their internal platforms, which is time consuming. A quicker alternative would be to integrate a video screening programming library already developed by a another service. This is exactly what I am building; an Application Programming Interface (API) for video screenings.

    The video screening API will be HTML/JQuery based and offer easy integration for job boards, applicant tracking systems and any web service that wants to integrate video screening into their platform. It will allow the interviewer to ask the interviewee questions by either 1. written text, 2. spoken questions through our cartoon interview bot, or 3. questions recorded by the interviewer themselves. The API will allow the interviewer to send out a unique link to each candidate they would like to screen and have them record themselves on video answering each question. Judging by the video responses, the interviewer will be able to decide on the candidates he/she wants to continue with for the rest of the hiring process.


    To contact Aleksandra just email her aleksczajka at gmail or via her site.

  • Job board thoughts from SHRM Chicago
    By on June 24, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    I spent 48 hours in Chicago last week to attend the latest SHRM conference/expo. I got a chance to walk the expo floor, hang out with some of my recruiter/blogger pals and talk shop. And of course there are the parties, the best one being thrown by Glassdoor.com at the House of Blues.

    The SHRM expo is generally filled with low level HR people looking for swag so its not a very good conference to buy a booth at. But those who did got a chance to get in front of over 14,000 people. Traffic around the expo hall was very brisk on both days I was there. I even got pulled into a panel session with Jim Stroud and Johnnie Campbell from Social Talent where we waxed poetic about the myth of passive candidates. The session turned into more of a social recruiting strategy session but dont worry I pumped up the audience about using niche job boards!


    A number of job boards had a presence and here’s a few pics and some random thoughts…

    Career builder is still kicking, they had the biggest booth it seemed like.


    Monster was not there. If I was CareerBuilder, I’d be happy about that.

    Beyond.com and Snagajob had sizable booths. Linkup, the upstart aggregator was there as usual.

    Dice was a big sponsor of the hive and blogger lounge. I thought that was smart money cause they were really pushing their open web product. And their logo seemed to be everywhere.

    Jobtarget had a booth as well as Jobs in Logistics.

    Indeed had small booth, for first time in many shows I didn’t recognize a single sales person, they have lots of new faces. I wonder how many people have left after their acquisition.

    SimplyHired was there giving out free orange cotton candy to match their new logo. They finally launched an ad center to compete with Indeed and they are hiring sales reps in Canada from what I hear. I was hoping to talk to their new CEO but he wasn’t in attendance.


  • SimplyHired gets a new logo
    By on June 17, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    It looks as though SimplyHired, the number two aggregator behind Indeed, is starting to refresh itself.

    UPDATE: SimplyHired Launches Self Serve Ad Platform for Employers


    I’m guessing their new CEO wanted to change a few things. I think the dots represent ‘SH’ though its kinda hard to tell.

    What really intrigues me is if they will ever open up their resume database like Indeed has. Indeed is getting 2 million new resumes per month added to their site which are all publicly viewable. I wonder if SH will follow?