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  • Problems in job search you can potentially fix
    By on June 8, 2015 | No Comments  Comments


    A reader asked me to list some of the problems in the job search world that could potentially be fixed with new technology. Here are some thoughts on that subject if you are thinking about starting a new business in this industry.

    • Most people suck at job hunting. They dont know what sites to use, how to write a good resume, etc. How about creating a jobs earch course or online certification program?
    • They dont know where all possible jobs are. Indeed, for all its goodness, does not have all the jobs. Help people find the rest. I’m trying with apps like this.
    • Job descriptions suck, companies need help makign them more attractive.
    • Companies need better solutions to target the spcific talent. There are too many shotgun appraoch type products in the market. Need ones that help identify niche talent.
    • Employers suck at job marketing. They need to think of themseles as marketers but they dont. Good job marketing helps them rise above the generic messaging that runs rampant in recruitment.
    Yes you can build a profitable business in this area but it must solve a real world problem facing employers/recruiters/jobseekers.
    And remember, generally speaking the money is on the recruiting side. Candidates will not pay for much so don’t expect them to open their wallets too often for your product.
  • 6 year old job site for sale
    By on May 11, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    This week I got pinged on Twitter about a job board for sale, JobShouts. Its at auction on Flippa right now. The site has a solid page rank and might be worth picking up if you are in the market for a new board to play with.

    I always prefer buying an old job board and revitalizing it rather than starting with a brand new domain. Older sites have BACKLINKS and you need good Google juice to get SEO traffic. It takes time to get backlinks but buying an older site jumpstarts that aspect for you.

    I’m not in the market for a new site right now (I’ve got plenty already) but JobShouts is a solid domain if you want to get into the job search game.


  • More than just a job posting
    By on May 5, 2015 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    In addition to running this blog I have a new full time gig as Director of Digital Recruiting for a cruise line company here in Connecticut. My position allows me to try a lot of job boards and influence the direction for all of our recruitment marketing. This week I tried posting on a bunch of niche sites (for hospitality and culinary roles) including CoolWorks.com. CoolWorks is a long established niche board for seasonal type positions for places like National parks, tourism and other outdoorsy roles.

    They have job postings which all job boards do but they also have a cool product designed to be more than just a job posting. Its called a “Help Wanted Now” ad and it allows employers to describe themselves and promote all their jobs at once. Essentially its a introduction to an employer and what they do/hire for.

    NOTE: The CoolWorks site started generating applies within a few hours of this running. (Their site gets 100k monthly visits)


    This is a great example of diversifying your product offerings in the job board industry. Think out of the box like CW did. I even do it on my Hidden Jobs site. These ads are essntially mini-hiring announcements
    promoted to a local audience.

    CoolWorks has some other type of products for employers to choose from which you can view here. They are a great role model in the online recruiting industry.

  • What does a niche job board need in 2015 to succeed?
    By on April 27, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    If you run a niche job board these days you need more than just job postings to thrive. Gone are the days when you could throw up a site and make boatlods off single job postings.

    Today you need multiple revenue streams. The big 3 components of course being jobs, adsense and in some cases, backfill (affiliate $$$) from sites like Indeed.

    So if you are struggling with revenue start thinking about ways you can help your clients find and attract more quality candidates. Today’s employers want more targeted people applying to their jobs. Thats why its important for you to build up your job seeker audience as much as possible.

    I think employer branding is something you can offer them. Help them write better job ads. Give them more visual job ad features. Help them STAND OUT in a world of same sounding employers.

    Just some food for thought on this manic Monday.

  • Job boards in the news
    By on April 14, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    The headlines from the past few weeks have some interesting nuggets from the job board world.

    BAjobs.com has relaunched and was written about on ERE. View article. It’s part of a new company called The Hire Key. BAjobs.com serves the San Franciso bay area and has been around since the 90’s. Job boards are gettin’ old!


    The city of Sioux Falls South Dakota has launched their own job board. Its part of a trend I’m seeing by cities and chambers of commerce. The city of Hartford just launched one too. The Sioux Falls site appears to just be a shell with jobs backfilled from Indeed.


    AfterCollege just bought College Feed, a startup social networking play for college students. They will absorb the student profiles into AfterCollege’s site. No sale price was announced in the TechCrunch article.


    Computer-Jobs.com has relaunched on the Jobboard.io platform. Its run by a staffing firm and I helped them with the setup and logo last week.


  • Former Ziprecruiter Exec Ethan Bloomfield Launches Sales Consulting Startup Vitalfew
    By on April 1, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    I met Ethan Bloomfield back in the late 2000’s just after he joined Jobtarget. I had just outsourced my job boards to them and was having  a myriad of problems with their technology. But Ethan worked patiently with me and their team and eventually Jobtarget became my most trusted partner.

    A few years back he left JT and joined a little startup call ZipRecruiter and has risen that rocketship to new heights. ZipRecruiter is now a huge player in the online recruiting space and Ethan was at the helm of that ship running their sales team. The guy knows how to generate leads and increase sales. I’ve seen him do it twice now.


    He called me recently to announce he was leaving ZR to form his own consulting practice. And now Vitalfew.io is born. I asked him to answer a few questions about the new venture to tell us more about his new firm. (Since I still do a little consulting of my own he even asked me to be on his advisory team)

    1. Whats the purpose of Vitalfew?

    Pretty simple. The purpose of vitalfew is to help organizations grow; on a contract basis.
    The only difference between what I am doing now, and what I have done int he past is that I am leasing my services versus selling them on a full time basis.  
    I had a couple of ‘self-actualization’ moments of the past year that lead me to vitalfew:
    a. I wanted to work for myself, but I didn’t see the need to spin out new technologies right now. I’d rather help some of the amazing companies in our space go “next level”. There are some interesting things happening in our space, and I want to be part of them.
    b. I know what I am best at: growth hacking start ups and growth stalled tech companies. I am able to come in and help plan and execute, using my proven strategies and continue to provide on going support. 
    c. I have an incredible network of 100% “A” players, and wanted to bring them together. It’s a sum of the parts. 
    2. Whats the main thing startups get wrong when it comes to sales?
    They don’t accurately understand how to measure and manage sales and often believe in false positive or negative test results. They also hang on to failing strategies for way too long, burning important cash. 
    My play book in sales hacking is pretty simple :
    Step 1: Define success metrics. 
    Step 2: Pilot sales with one, very strong seller.
    Step 3: Map the conversion metrics (leads to sales) and the steps in the process; don’t focus on the revenue. 
    Step 4: Hire 3 more reps. 
    Step 5: Test and refine; focusing on product, pitch and price. 
    Step 6: GROW IT.
    3. How can you help them overcome this problem?
    It is very important to understand that we will not help all companies. It starts with determining what the market opportunity is for the products and making sure we are aligned with the Executive team. 
    From there, we will follow a prescribed formula for implementing a successful strategy: 
    • vitalassess: from front line CS to CEO, we evaluate your business, product, price, process, people, culture and provide a complete diagnostic report. 
    • vitalplan: we identify the key areas that can provide the biggest impact on growth
    • vitalexecution: we manage the implementation of the strategies
    • vitalreview: we study the results, make adjustments and implement improvements
    4. What was it like helping take Ziprecruiter from startup to a major player in online recruiting?
    Zip. Zip. Hooray! ZipRecruiter is an amazing company built on the skills and experience of amazing people. The experience was so incredible, that we have agreed to continue working together (they are my first client!). 
    One of my favorite stories about my time at Ziprecruiter goes back to my first months back in 2012. At the time, Mandy Schaniel and I were the first sales oriented folks on the team of 15. We spent a lot of time in LA with the founders talking about how to build the company; and of course Mandy and I spoke a lot about sales strategy. Now, it’s important to know that at the time, Ian Siegel and his co-founders were still were contemplating  whether they were a “life style business” or preparing to be a “market leader”. In one meeting Ian, with the full agreement of his partners, said, “Ziprecruiter will NEVER have some big sales organization, and call center or boiler room.” I looked at him a little cockeyed, smiled, and said “Yes we will.”
    5. Biggest lesson learnedd from your days at Zip?
    I have to share two biggest lessons, not just one:
    First, measure EVERYTHING. If you aren’t good at data analysis, hire people that are.
    Second, hire “A” players. If you find an “A” player and don’t have an opening, hire them anyway. They have a way of making great things happen. 
  • Premium domain for sale: MobileJobs.com
    By on March 23, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    The domain name www.mobilejobs.com has been put up for sale by one of my readers. The domain name was registered in September 1999, only 12 months after Google was officially launched!

    mobilejobsWith the dramatic growth in mobile over the last few years, and the clear desire for job seekers to search and apply for jobs using mobile devices, the www.mobilejobs.com domain name has great potential for both new or existing job board owners.

    Alternatively it can be just as attractive as a website address for companies looking to develop any new mobile job related products or services.

    If you are interested contact me and I’ll put you in touch with the owner.

  • Top niche sites for HR jobs
    By on March 18, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    Looking for an HR or recruiting job? Well you can certainly find them on the big job sites but here’s the top five niche ones in my latest screencast.

    [youtube width=”640″ height=”480″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UsYcJT3AYA[/youtube]

  • Job board revenue streams (other than jobs)
    By on March 16, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    In the golden days of job boards you could get away with just making money on job postings. Not anymore. Here’s a list of other revenue ideas that will help you add to the bottom line. Multiple revenue streams will help your business stay aflot in good times and bad. Today’s job board NEEDS multiple revenue sources to survive. My favorite is Adsense but here are 6 more ways to increase your bottom line.

    1. Backfill from Indeed, SimplyHired or JuJu. For every 10,000 page views you can earn anywhere from $100-$300 in my experience.

    2. Banner ads. The recruitment ad agencies like TMP, Bayard, CKS, etc will pay for these IF you have traffic and target a local or niche. Sell your own banners and reap the reward.

    3. Email blasts. If you have a list of job seekers you can send out email blasts for employers. For 1,000 emails I would charge something like 10 or 15 cents per email.

    4. Affiliate programs. I have never been a big fan of these but there are various resume services and other job related sites that willpay for traffic or conversions. Check out Commission Junction for finding them. Resume services are another one.

    5. Job fairs. Hold an offline job fair. Connect with your clients and job seekers in person. These are espcially good for local sites as a way to build community.

    6. Resume access. Charge employers to search your resumes or to contact the job seeker. Take a page out of Indeed’s book where they charge $1 to contact the jo seeker while making their resume free to see.

  • Jobs2Careers debuts new interface
    By on March 2, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    The team at Jobs2Careers has come out with a very visual interface for its homepage, something quite different from the usual job board designs I see.


    There are two things to note here. The first is that the background design changes based on which tab you click. The second is the tabs themselves.

    The backgrounds really give the site some personality. Most job board designs tend to lack creativity in this area so I give J2C some credit for this unique design concept. Since the web is more about visuals now anyway, this is a good way to differentiate their user experience.

    The tabs are interesting too. They’ve essentially created 3 job boards in one. Professional jobs, part-time roles and “gigs” like baby sitting and dogwalking. Its a unique concept that I have not seen before. The part-time tab seems especially relevant since a lot of people like to have a 2nd job at times.

    TAKEAWAY: Design is imporant for any web site. For job boards its particularly important since a poor design WILL affect your sales negatively. The better design, the more you’ll make.