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  • Jobify is new wordpress job board plugin
    By on April 14, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    Here’s a new mobile friendly wordpress plugin for job boards. Its one of the more elegant designs I have come across. Download it here for $55.

  • Interesting job board tweets
    By on April 9, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    A quick search of twitter for “job board” was an interesting trip. Here’s what I found most intriguing this week.

  • Best options for backfill
    By on April 7, 2014 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Most of the off the shelf job board solutions let you pre-populate your job board with listings from their database. This is called “backfill” and its another way you can earn revenue. Generally speaking its not a lot of money but a job board that gets 10,000 monthly pages views can earn in the ‘hundreds of dollars’.

    Thats nice money to have and only adds to your site’s bottom line. The best options for backfilling come from Indeed, SimplyHired and Juju.


    1. Indeed – pays out after $100 in earnings (ECH or check) – https://ads.indeed.com/jobroll/

    2. SimplyHired – pays out after $100 in earnings (paypal or check) – http://www.simplyhired.com/a/publishers/overview

    3. Juju – also known as job-search-engine.com – http://www.job-search-engine.com/publisher/spec/ for more info read my earlier post on how to signup with them…

    NOTE you can only have 1 backfill solution, you can’t mix them as the above sites dont want to compete with each other.

  • Dice buys another job board – OilCareers
    By on March 26, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    Last week Dice.com bought another niche job board, this time picking up UK based Oilcareers.com. The press release actually mentions the sales of Oilcareers.com which I thought was very interesting and indicative of their strategy in the job board industry.

    Dice Holdings, Inc. is purchasing OilCareers from the Daily Mail and General Trust PLC (LON: DMGT) for $26 million in cash. OilCareers had trailing 12 months revenues of approximately $8 million, with the majority generated in the United Kingdom.

    Its an example of how big some niches sites can grow to. Obviously careers in oil are a hot job market, so it says a lot about Dice’s recent strategy. They bought Rigzone.com a few years back which was U.S. based. And they have purchased other healthcare and technology sites in the past to build a portfolio of niche sites in hot job markets. I like their strategy. They realize how valuable a good niche site can be.

    Oilcareers.com is very much a job board but it does have a community section and some training materials. It has a LOT of content. So be sure to create lots of content for your job board. You need more than just jobs!

  • Is pot the next great job niche?
    By on March 20, 2014 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    With the explosion of medical marijuana sweeping many states like Colorado and Washington, I’m starting to wonder if pot is the next great job niche.

    A quick search of ‘marijuana jobs‘ on Google shows only 2 real sites: Cannajobs.com and THCjobs.com.

    If you are looking for a niche thats about to take off this one may be it. With only a couple of sites in play, the early stages of any niche industry are still there for the taking. So head on over to GoDaddy and get yourself some pot related domain names. They just might grow into a highly lucrative job board.

    Just don’t get stoned on the way!

    marijuana job boards

  • Jobboard.io adds submission to Indeed
    By on March 11, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    Jobboard.io, one of my sponsors, has added the ability for its job board owners to easily submit your jobs to indeed to get more traffic. Since it can take a while to get indexed on your own, this might speed up things.

    We are pleased to announce a new integration with Indeed.com.

    We can now generate a real time XML feed of your Jobs which can then be submitted to Indeed.com via a single click from within our admin console.  This integration will facilitate contact between your Job Board and Indeed’s client services team who can help you get started with their advertising/job promotion services.

    To kick this off you simply need to login to your admin site, click “Syndication” in the navigation, and click “Submit to Indeed.com”.

  • Talentegg adds challenges
    By on March 3, 2014 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Talentegg.ca, a canadian job resource for students/college grads, has come up with a new way for applicants to show their value to employers. Read release. I think its a good example of a job site platform thinking outside the box when it comes to ‘evolving’ whicjh we all must do. So I asked Lauren Friese (founder) to answer a few questions about the new launch.

    1. Why did you decide to launch challenges as part of your job board?

    This is commonly said, but we don’t see TalentEgg.ca as just a job board per se. When I was starting the company, the goal was to create a resource that jointly helped students and grads who struggled to find meaningful entry level work and employers who recruit students and grads. The result was TalentEgg.ca, which is part job board, part resource, and part interactive platform.

    Challenges takes our mission one step further. Whereas before we were a hub where students and grads could learn about industries, companies, and find meaningful jobs, now TalentEgg can also help them with their career development. This is significant because historically the opportunity to gain meaningful experience that you can put on your resume/LinkedIn profile has been really difficult to get. Now it doesn’t matter where in the country you are, or what you’ve studied – you have an equal opportunity to build your skills and prove yourself.

    Winning students can earn prizes such as cash, career experience, etc. But more importantly, all students who participate and meet certain criteria receive a certificate outlining the skills they gained.

    2. How do they work from the employer experience? do they specify their own challenges?

    We work with employers to create Challenges that either address an area of interest, or alternatively are more abstract. Once the Challenge is live on our platform, students and grads have 30 days to submit their idea/submission/solution.

    An important action we’ve taken is to develop proprietary evaluation and judging software that allows employers to quickly and effectively sort through submissions and provide scoring.

    Employers can use Challenges as an incredibly effective employer branding exercise (what’s more important to students than help finding a job?!), or in some cases, to actually identify stand-out students by seeing them in action.

    3. Whats an example of a challenge?

    The first Challenge we launched is in partnership with Purolator. The Challenge is “How can Purolator leverage social media to build the company’s reputation as a Canadian Innovator and customer-centric brand?”, which touches on marketing, strategy and social media. Other Challenges will focus on areas as diverse as tech/development, design, and more.

    4. What has the reaction been from employers/jobseekers?

    We launched a few days ago. Here are some of the comments we’ve seen about TalentEgg Challenges on social media:

    Check out @TalentEgg‘s amazing new platform.. Build skills, compete for internships, win $$. Seriously, it’s GENIUS http://talentegg.ca/challenges/– Student

    @TalentEgg @yorkmarketing so excited for all the #TEChallenges opportunities!! Everything found in one place, how perfect!- Student

    @LaurenFriese wow & congrats @TalentEgg Challenges- a great tool to help young professionals on their career journey  http://cnw.ca/maGEM– Employer

    http://talentegg.ca/challenges  – This is what the future of university recruiting should look like! Superb work – Recent grad

    5. Do you think other job boards will follow this trend?

    Firstly, it’s not that easy. TalentEgg.ca is the biggest and most popular job board and online career resource for students and recent graduates in the country. We have an engaged “in-house” audience of participants, not to mention our proprietary evaluation and judging software.

    I also think that a platform like this, in the way that we’ve built and presented it, is unique to our audience. Like I said, we didn’t look at this like “we have a job board, what’s next”, but rather as: This is the audience we serve (students/grads and employers), these are their needs, how can we create a win-win situation for both students/grads and employers. The result was TalentEgg Challenges!

    Relevant URLS:



  • For Sale: UAVjobbank.com niche job board
    By on February 17, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    I started UAVjobbank.com and its sister site JobsinDrones.com back in April of last year. They are both built on Jobamatic and bring in thousands of visitors each month. Since they are both doing well on the SEO side and I dont actively promote them, its time to sell them off to someone who wants to build a business with them. I’ve done the hard work of starting them, getting backlinks and adding content. All you have to do now is contact employers.

    The jewel is UAVjobbank.com which brought in over 4,000 uniques last month alone, almost exclusively through SEO and back links. Jobsindrones brings in around 500 monthly uniques. There are ZERO costs involved with these sites since each is hosted on Jobamatic which is a free platform. You will need to host the the homepage though on your own server.

    UAVs are an up and coming job market as next year the FAA is going to open up airspace to civilian drones. They expect 100,000 jobs to be created once that happens so this is going to be a hot job market. When I launched the sites I wrote a free ebook to help attract job seekers and it worked great. Other sites like UXuniversity linked back to it on pages like this one.

    Here is the stats from Statcounter. You can see the traffic spike we got last month. All of it came via search engine traffic and backlinks like the one from UXuniversity.

    stats for uavjobbank.com last 6 months

    stats for uavjobbank.com last 6 months – (feb stats as of Feb 10)

    It has picked up 1 job posting along the way and brought in around $100 through backfill earnings. I will throw in Jobsindrones.com as part of the sale. That site is averaging around 500 monthly uniques as well and ranks well for terms like “drone jobs“. I started it in order to take advantage of that particular keyword so it would capture more of the market for this industry. So the new buyer gets 2 sites for 1 price! The are no major competitors either.

    My price is $1,800 which includes both sites, all files, content and the Jobamatic account. So now is your chance to snap them up in preparation for a rising new niche. The foundation is there and I think they could bring in $1,000 per month with a little marketing effort. I’d also recommend the new owner start a blog to help build up more content. I’ll throw in a free membership to my site as well so you can learn more about how to run a job board.

    Interested? Contact Me.

  • We need more aggregators
    By on February 12, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    File this under things that need to exist.

    We need a job board only job search engine/directory that lets job boards get indexed for free and helps job seekers uncover more sources.

    I think job seekers are not discovering all the possible jobs that are online, especially among the niche job boards. Indeed.com is listing mostly employers now and not giving job boards much love. PLus google gives too much weight to the big national sites when it comes to searching for jobs. For almost any profession there are multiple job sites one needs to check in order to MAXIMIZE their job search.

    Unfortunately there is really no way to discover all the job boards that can help a job seeker find work. It would be nice if all the job board software providers banded together to form a mega job search engine that tied in all the sites they power. Kind of like what Adicio did with their boards. A few years back they started CareerCast.com which is a gateway to all the job sites they power.

    I’m sure its wishful thinking but its something that really needs to exist. You could even take it a step farther by focusing on a niche. Like a job search aggregator for just tech jobs or just sales jobs. This app for social media jobs is another way to approach it.

  • Nursingjobs.com stands up against bad browsers!
    By on February 5, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    I love this story. IE 7 just needs to die already.

    Instead of designing their job site to support older browsers like IE 7, Nursingjobs.com said screw it! Its cheaper for us to just buy new pcs for our clients so they have the latest version.

    Hows that for responsive web design!

    Read the story on Cnet >>