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  • JobMonster is new WordPress Job board theme
    By on January 11, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    There is no shortage of job board WordPress themes and here’s another that just came across my desk. JobMonster. You can buy it for $59.

    jobmonster wordpress job board theme

    The interface is nicely done. Features include a resume database, logos on job results, blogging of course and a mobile friendly design.


    It’s worth a look if you are WordPress savvy or have a developer at your disposal. One thing with WP sites to be aware of however, is that they require a decent amount of maintenance so as long as you have the time and resources to work on them they are a cheap option to get a job board off the ground.



  • This is an excellent way to get content for your blog
    By on January 4, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    Crowdsource your content by doing a Q&A over email with industry experts. Here’s an example of an email I just received from a staffing firm looking for blog content.

    Hi there,

    I work for the content marketing company Media Shower, and I’m writing on behalf of GDH Consulting, an agency that helps companies source and hire outstanding IT candidates. GDH Consulting is the IT recruiter that offers the easiest way to find great IT candidates.

    We’re starting a new Expert Interview series with important people in the IT recruiting space, and we’d love to do an email interview with you to run on GDHConsulting.com!

    We’ll send you a few interview questions by email, and we’ll turn your responses into a great article for our audience, with a link back to Career Cloud. All we ask for in return is a link posted on your site, promoting the interview to your audience.

    Please let me know if you’d be interested in doing the email interview with us, and we’ll get moving on it right away!

    Thank you,

    Micah L.

    When I got this email today I replied immediately with my interest. After all I get exposure and a free back-link. Your job board should be blogging regularly so let others do the work by just emailing them questions and use their answers as your content.

  • Drink up with these 5 Beer Job Boards
    By on December 28, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    I was researching job board software the other day when I came across a beer job board. Well after a quick Google search it turns out that there are 5 of them. Here’s a quick breakdown of who is serving up beer jobs online.

    BrewingWork.com – powered by eJobSiteSoftware (India) this is a nice looking global job board for the brewing industry. Jobs are divided into continents on the main menu which is a good way to funnel users on a global scale.


    BevForce.com – this site is owned by a staffing firm and I love it when staffing firms have their own job board. This hybrid approach gives them multiple revenue streams which is good for any business.

    BrewBound.com – this site offers news, events and jobs. News and events take up most real estate, jobs on the sidebar. Perhaps my favorite design among these five.

    Beerjobs.org – definitely the ugly ducking in this group. It’s just a front for SimplyHired listings.

    CareersinBeer.com – has a decent minimalist design. I hate the yellow in the logo which makes it hard to read. Pages load very fast. Also has a directory of brewery links which is a great resource for job seekers.

    All these sites and more are listed in my job board directory app for iOS.

  • Tips for how to display your job post prices
    By on December 21, 2015 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    How you display your job board pricing can affect your sales. I see too many boards that hide this info and make it hard to read. When it comes to designing this page you have to make it public (don’t require registration to see pricing) and EASY to understand. Recruiters are BUSY people, don’t make them read too much information. As a general rule you should put your basic price point on your homepage as well.

    DESIGN TIP: Below are a couple examples for how to display the pricing on your job board or for any online business that has 1-3 different price points. Make the info more visual. Create “information blocks”. Make it clear what you get for that price and make it clear what to do next (Buy).


    Example of a good 3 product job board pricing page

    Cheapest option from Left to Right is a good way of listing products

    Cheapest option from Left to Right is a good way of listing products

  • Local Minnesota job board for sale
    By on December 15, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    A reader is selling his local job board for Winona, MN. He launched the site in February 2015 so it’s fairly new. Claims 50-100 daily visitors. No significant revenue but it ranks for some local keywords. If you are interested contact me here and I’ll connect you with owner.



  • New Job Board Sightings
    By on December 14, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    Despite being December, traditionally one of the slowest job hunting months of the year, some job boards are making news. Here’s a quick roundup that I put together for your review. Tis the season.

    THEME: Job boards go global!

    The Seattle Times has chosen a UK provider of job board software to power their new classifieds hub. Visit jobs.seattletimes.com to see the new site in action. Its a clean well thought out design built by Talenetic, the latest start-up from the founders of the UK’s leading job board Jobsite.co.uk. it’s their first site in the USA and they replaced Adicio.

    I think UK job board software providers do a great job in general with their front-end designs. They get it.


    A new Indianapolis-based startup founded by two job-board veterans is raising $2 million for a location-based mobile app/website platform that helps people searching for low- and mid-skill jobs. Called Work Here, they say they draw millions of job postings from the DirectEmployers database. Many employers will see their openings on the app. But if they want to post an unlimited number of jobs directly on the app, and launch an ad campaign that targets a specific profession in a certain geographic area, the price tag is $499 a year. Read more.

    Job boards are still launching. Here’s a new one in the UK.

    WorkanGo is a newly-launched job board solution that is dedicated to filling the demand between companies and low-skilled, immediate candidates. Visit link.

    And here’s one in New Zealand

    Free job Postings is a new job board that is New Zealand’s free jobs postings that is engineered to recruit the right person for the job fast. The site was designed by a team of former professional recruitment consultant in both internal and agency recruitment. Free Job Posting can be assessed on the internet at FreeJobPosting.co.nz.

  • What to ask before buying a job board
    By on December 8, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    If you can buy an existing job board that has revenue and traffic, thats usually abetter alternative than building from scratch. Having bought and sold many job boards myself, I’ve learned what to ask before pulling the trigger. So here are 30+ questions to include in your discovery process. If you have a few more to add, leave a comment.


    Use these questions to help determine the value of the job board.

    1. How many people does it take to operate the business?
    2. List all expenses of the business.
    3. What do those people do?
    4. How much do they make?
    5. Are they full time, or part-time? (how many hours do they work)
    6. What is the bare minimum needed to operate the site in terms of staff/hours per week?
    7. What platform is the site built on (custom built or hosted software)
    8. If custom, what technology is it built with? Does it need replacing?
    9. How much does hosting and maintenance of the server cost monthly?
    10. How many monthly pageviews and unique visitors does the site get?
    11. How much of that traffic is paid vs unpaid? (seo, aggregators, etc)
    12. How much of the traffic is generated by google?
    13. Traffic trends: has the site lost traffic this year? gained it? or stayed the same vs last years numbers?
    14. Are their any free sources of traffic that are at risk of going away?
    15. Describe all revenue sources.
    16. What does each product cost?
    17. What are the sales number from the past 3 years?
    18. Is all sales data verifiable by a 3rd party? if so can you access that data for evaluation?
    19. Will they show you the tax returns for the business?
    20. How many clients does the business have?
    21. Does the site have a broad range of clients?
    22. Is the industry the site serves a growing industry?
    23. How is the job market in that area (canada) overall?
    24. Are there any agreements with 3rd party vendors that have to be honored?
    25. Does the company have any debt or copyright claims against it?
    26. How many emails of candidates and employers does the site have?
    27. How many jobs currently posted? How many from same time last year?
    28. Why is the owner interested in selling?
    29. Are all job postings original or do they scrape or backfill from other sources.
    30. How old is the site/domain?
    31. Can you speak with some of their clients?
    32. Does the site have established profiles on social media? (list # followers for each)


    You also need to ask yourself how much will it cost you to take over the site. Do you have similar resources to operate it, Will you have to hire more people. Are you new to the industry, etc.

  • Hire me to run your job board
    By on December 4, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    Need some help in the management & marketing of your job board? Now you can hire me, the job board expert who’s been running them since 1999, to market and manage your job board on a weekly basis.


    I’ve begun to partner with a few select job boards on a part-time basis to help improve their revenue or to just keep the lights on.

    My services are based on a monthly retainer fee. In some cases I will consider doing it for a revenue share. I’m looking to partner with established sites that have traffic and revenue.

    NOTE: If you are a newer site just getting started you can still hire me on a hourly basis.

    Call  203-572-2053 or contact me to learn more.

  • Freelance aggregator GiantGator shuts down due to cease and desist
    By on November 14, 2015 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    I discovered some disappointing news recently that the niche aggregator called giantGator which crawled freelance sites such as UpWork and Elance has shut down. The founders were sent a cease and desist letter by Upwork and said they had received a “chilly reception” from many of the other sites.

    Their goal was to make the ‘kayak of freelance’ which I thought would be a highly useful tool for the freelance market. Freelancing is on such a growth curve there needs to be a better way of bringing all these projects together in one search. Sadly that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. The founders of GG said they were committed to sending the freelance sites free traffic and never charge them for it.


    I have long predicted that we would start to see more niche aggregators popup. It’s a natural evolution of the job search industry to make search more efficient (aka Indeed). But this latest development is troubling. Imagine if employers started declining their feeds be scraped? Where would companies like Indeed and SimplyHired be now?

    Craigslist took this approach in the late 2000’s when they removed themselves from aggregator listings (and eventually Google too). They wanted to protect their data which is understandable. But are Craig’s postings still delivering the same kind of ROI to employers as they once did? Some recruiters I’ve spoken to would argue not.

    For a niche aggregator to work, it would have to promise NEVER to charge the job boards it crawls. Trust is the word. Job board owners are already jaded by how Indeed minimized them over the years as it began to favor employers over everyone else. But the idea of a niche aggregator for certain industries still makes sense as a use case for candidates. Perhaps someone will pick up the torch from Keith and Dimitro and finish the race.

    NOTE: another niche play example is tech job aggregator Jobfusion.co

  • My Latest Backfill Earnings
    By on November 8, 2015 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    I like to get paid for doing nothing.Thats what being an affiliate pf the major job boards can do for you. You make money while you sleep.

    Granted its not big money but hundreds of extra dollars in my pocket each month is free money and I’ll take it. Below is a list of my recent earnings with Indeed, SimplyHired and ZipRecruiter.

    INDEED – $214.51 for October. Most of this comes from backfilling on these Hidden job lead pages.

    Indeed affiliate earnings

    Indeed affiliate earnings

    SIMPLYHIRED (simply-partner – $213.64 for Aug & Sept. Most of this comes from my drone job site.

    Simply Partner earnings

    Simply Partner earnings

    ZIPALERTS – $16.28 for October. This comes from a new jobs page I put up a few months agao. It doesnt get much traffic yet.

    Zip Alerts earnings (ziprecruiter)

    Zip Alerts earnings (ziprecruiter)