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  • For Sale: UAVjobbank.com niche job board
    By on February 17, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    I started UAVjobbank.com and its sister site JobsinDrones.com back in April of last year. They are both built on Jobamatic and bring in thousands of visitors each month. Since they are both doing well on the SEO side and I dont actively promote them, its time to sell them off to someone who wants to build a business with them. I’ve done the hard work of starting them, getting backlinks and adding content. All you have to do now is contact employers.

    The jewel is UAVjobbank.com which brought in over 4,000 uniques last month alone, almost exclusively through SEO and back links. Jobsindrones brings in around 500 monthly uniques. There are ZERO costs involved with these sites since each is hosted on Jobamatic which is a free platform. You will need to host the the homepage though on your own server.

    UAVs are an up and coming job market as next year the FAA is going to open up airspace to civilian drones. They expect 100,000 jobs to be created once that happens so this is going to be a hot job market. When I launched the sites I wrote a free ebook to help attract job seekers and it worked great. Other sites like UXuniversity linked back to it on pages like this one.

    Here is the stats from Statcounter. You can see the traffic spike we got last month. All of it came via search engine traffic and backlinks like the one from UXuniversity.

    stats for uavjobbank.com last 6 months

    stats for uavjobbank.com last 6 months – (feb stats as of Feb 10)

    It has picked up 1 job posting along the way and brought in around $100 through backfill earnings. I will throw in Jobsindrones.com as part of the sale. That site is averaging around 500 monthly uniques as well and ranks well for terms like “drone jobs“. I started it in order to take advantage of that particular keyword so it would capture more of the market for this industry. So the new buyer gets 2 sites for 1 price! The are no major competitors either.

    My price is $1,800 which includes both sites, all files, content and the Jobamatic account. So now is your chance to snap them up in preparation for a rising new niche. The foundation is there and I think they could bring in $1,000 per month with a little marketing effort. I’d also recommend the new owner start a blog to help build up more content. I’ll throw in a free membership to my site as well so you can learn more about how to run a job board.

    Interested? Contact Me.

  • We need more aggregators
    By on February 12, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    File this under things that need to exist.

    We need a job board only job search engine/directory that lets job boards get indexed for free and helps job seekers uncover more sources.

    I think job seekers are not discovering all the possible jobs that are online, especially among the niche job boards. Indeed.com is listing mostly employers now and not giving job boards much love. PLus google gives too much weight to the big national sites when it comes to searching for jobs. For almost any profession there are multiple job sites one needs to check in order to MAXIMIZE their job search.

    Unfortunately there is really no way to discover all the job boards that can help a job seeker find work. It would be nice if all the job board software providers banded together to form a mega job search engine that tied in all the sites they power. Kind of like what Adicio did with their boards. A few years back they started CareerCast.com which is a gateway to all the job sites they power.

    I’m sure its wishful thinking but its something that really needs to exist. You could even take it a step farther by focusing on a niche. Like a job search aggregator for just tech jobs or just sales jobs. This app for social media jobs is another way to approach it.

  • Nursingjobs.com stands up against bad browsers!
    By on February 5, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    I love this story. IE 7 just needs to die already.

    Instead of designing their job site to support older browsers like IE 7, Nursingjobs.com said screw it! Its cheaper for us to just buy new pcs for our clients so they have the latest version.

    Hows that for responsive web design!

    Read the story on Cnet >>

  • Q&A with Beyond.com
    By on February 3, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    Adam Berkowitz from Beyond.com contacted me recently to explain what they do for job boards. I asked him to answer this email Q&A for you job boarders out there.

    What’s the history of Beyond.com? How big is the site? the company?

    Beyond.com, Inc. has always been a fast-paced company that constantly strives to foster growth and innovation. Since its inception in 1998, the organization has grown to provide career opportunities and strategic recruitment solutions to over 39 million members.
 It all started on January 1, 1998, when founder and CEO Rich Milgram launched PhillyJobs.com as a free job board serving the Philadelphia metropolitan area. By the end of the year, the company evolved into the 4Business Network, aimed at filling the need for a better way for professionals and employers to create targeted connections. 

Two years later the 4Business Network acquired the 4Jobs.com domain and the pieces were put into place to grow nationally. As the 4Jobs Career Network, under the parent company, Artemis HR, the company continued to develop job board and applicant tracking software that was licensed to other web communities that became part of the 4Business Network. In 2005, Artemis HR re-branded to Beyond.com, Inc., rendering a corporate image consistent with efforts to deliver product offerings beyond those of traditional job boards. Since then Beyond.com has been able to strategically grow its business to become a major player in the online recruitment space.

    Despite the entrance and exit of key players in the online recruitment space over the years, Beyond.com has remained a strong player and is now the fifth most-trafficked career destination in the US according to comScore traffic. Currently, Beyond.com averages more than 1 million new members per month. 

Founded on the principal to improve the recruitment process, Beyond.com continues to solve those types of problems today. Beyond.com is not just a place to search and apply for jobs; Beyond.com helps its members achieve their career goals through a variety of resources, including Beyond.com’s online Career Portfolio, salary calculators and a member home page with a real-time feed of the latest relevant job postings and news based on the communities members have joined.

    What can Beyond do for job boards to earn more money? 

    Beyond.com can help job boards introduce new revenue streams by assisting us in generating new members for The Career Network. Using an XML feed or API, we can feed fresh, relevant jobs to these sites and pay for the users that are driven back to us and ultimately join Beyond.com. We also purchase display and paid search advertising, and maintain a robust affiliate program that allows sites and networks to drive traffic to Beyond.com and get compensated for each new member. (New members must be from the U.S. and interested in looking for a job or managing their career.)

    The Beyond.com Affiliate Program is a method for publishers with US-based traffic to easily monetize that traffic. It’s a self service platform that allows the publisher to sign up, create links, add sub-ids, place 3rd party pixels, and access Beyond.com’s creative files. The goal of our affiliate program is to gain new US-based job-seeking members. The membership is free for the user, and user sign-up is a simple 3-field form. Restricted traffic includes; adult, gambling, incentived and co-registration. The payment period is monthly and checks are sent out on a net 30 basis. To get started, sign up here: http://beyond.hasoffers.com/signup.

    Why should job boards work with Beyond if you are a job board too?

    We can help job boards create new revenue opportunities by tapping into the value of their job seeker audience – which does not compete or conflict with core employer–centric models.
    Beyond.com can also help drive traffic to these other job boards, thereby boosting their pool of high-quality candidates who will respond to employer postings. Better results for employers leads to more renewals and ongoing revenue.

    How to signup/learn more?

    To sign up for our Affiliate program, please visit: http://about.beyond.com/affiliate or to learn more contact Duane Zoscin, DuaneZ@beyond.com.

    If you are interested in sending or receiving a job feed from Beyond.com, please contact Adam Berkowitz at AdamB@beyond.com.

    If you have display advertising opportunities on your site, please contact Joe Garis at JoeG@Beyond.com.

    ABOUT ADAM: Adam has been with Beyond.com for over 10 years, the first 9 years as a Manager of Business Development and last year plus as the Manager of Traffic Acquisition. Adam earned an BA from SUNY-Binghamton and holds an M.B.A from Fordham University Graduate School of Business.

    Twitter: @AdamBerkowitz
    LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/adam-berkowitz/0/541/658/
    Beyond Portfolio here – http://www.beyond.com/adamberkowitz1269

  • Make more advertising revenue with Adsense Direct
    By on January 29, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    Ever wanted to have your own version of adsense to sell ads on your site directly? Well if you are willing to let google take a 15% cut now you can. They just launched Adsense Direct. It is only for U.S. based publishers.

    (via Techcrunch) With AdSense Direct, which is currently only available in the U.S., publishers can make deals with individual advertisers – no matter whether the publisher is on AdWords or not. Publishers can simply give potential advertisers a link to their AdSense Direct page and all the publishers have to do is upload their creative and pay for the ad.

    YouTube Preview Image
  • Dynamic job post buttons
    By on January 23, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    I think I just created what might be the first dynamic job post button in the industry. In looking for ways to encourage more postings to my new hidden job leads site, we implemented a post button that brings in the location of the page the user is on so that the message on the button reflects the page. For example if you click on the Connecticut job leads page look at the blue button on the left. Then click over to another state via the right hand menu.

    We pass in the state name as a variable to make it more meaningful. This is a simple but effective way at driving more sales. You can do this on your site for categories, locations or job types. Think of it as “contextual call to action”.


  • New job boards
    By on January 21, 2014 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Here are some new job boards coming on the scene…

    Women of STEM targets women in science, tech and math.

    OhYouHero out of Boston aims to be craigslist/linkedin for freelancers. Thats a tough market to be in because there are oDesk and Elance dominate but I wish them luck. Not sure I like the name.

    Enable America launches for people with disabilities. Disabled people are really an untapped talent pool, hope they succeed.

    Educational startup Koru, armed with $4.35 million in Series A funding, wants to help millennials get their first jobs.

    I wish them luck but history is littered with these types of startups…i think because at that age, no one really knows what they want and who they are, thats what your 20s are for, to experiment and figure it out…

    The U.S. Tech Vets site includes a military skills translator, a job search area of course, and links to more info. Monster Worldwide is behind the effort. There are many job boards for military veterans so Im unsure how this one stands out.

  • Twitter ads are cheap
    By on January 15, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    Twitter advertising may be just the right mix for your job board. I have started to experiment with them and find them to be effective at driving clicks to my site. And its cost effective too as you can see from the image below. They sent me a nice summary of what I spent and how many engagements my ads got. Just go to ads.twitter.com to get started.


  • Jobboard.io adds apply with Linkedin, mobile apply
    By on January 6, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    The best new job board software on the market, Jobboard.io is getting better. They’ve recently added mobile apply along with Linkedin apply and the ability to create multi-jobs packages.

    Full disclosure: they sponsor my blog. But I wouldnt let them if I didnt believe in the product.

    For the Linkedin apply the job board owner must login to Linkedin developer and make a new application to get it activated. Its fairly simple but involves a few steps.

    Mobile apply is already enabled. Job seekers can attach their resume from a variety of cloud storage sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Founder, Christian Malpeli pointed out to me that they’ve actually had mobile apply live for months though it wasn’t clear. Now when you click apply on mobile the icons from the various sites appear.


  • Thinking different with premium job leads
    By on January 2, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    When it comes to recruitment products I like to think different. After launching CareerCloud last year the site did not have a way for employers to promote themselves. But that changes in 2014. We’re launching something called “Premium Job Leads“. These are not job postings, rather a way to announce how many jobs your company needs to fill this year and explain the reason why you need to fill them. Its designed to drive traffic to your company career site.

    Here’s what they look like. Each one takes just a few mins to create. They are social and mobile friendly. In fact these were really designed on a ‘mobile first’ template.

    Premium Job Leads on CareerCloud

    Premium Job Leads on CareerCloud

    Initially these job leads were part of Hiddenjobsapp.com which I integrated into CareerCloud last year. Now companies have a way to make their own hiring announcement to quickly drive traffic to their career pages. The cost is just $30 and the ad stays live for 90 days. Job seekers will see them on the site, the mobile app and thru email alerts which they can get for any state.