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  • Job board thoughts from SHRM Chicago
    By on June 24, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    I spent 48 hours in Chicago last week to attend the latest SHRM conference/expo. I got a chance to walk the expo floor, hang out with some of my recruiter/blogger pals and talk shop. And of course there are the parties, the best one being thrown by Glassdoor.com at the House of Blues.

    The SHRM expo is generally filled with low level HR people looking for swag so its not a very good conference to buy a booth at. But those who did got a chance to get in front of over 14,000 people. Traffic around the expo hall was very brisk on both days I was there. I even got pulled into a panel session with Jim Stroud and Johnnie Campbell from Social Talent where we waxed poetic about the myth of passive candidates. The session turned into more of a social recruiting strategy session but dont worry I pumped up the audience about using niche job boards!


    A number of job boards had a presence and here’s a few pics and some random thoughts…

    Career builder is still kicking, they had the biggest booth it seemed like.


    Monster was not there. If I was CareerBuilder, I’d be happy about that.

    Beyond.com and Snagajob had sizable booths. Linkup, the upstart aggregator was there as usual.

    Dice was a big sponsor of the hive and blogger lounge. I thought that was smart money cause they were really pushing their open web product. And their logo seemed to be everywhere.

    Jobtarget had a booth as well as Jobs in Logistics.

    Indeed had small booth, for first time in many shows I didn’t recognize a single sales person, they have lots of new faces. I wonder how many people have left after their acquisition.

    SimplyHired was there giving out free orange cotton candy to match their new logo. They finally launched an ad center to compete with Indeed and they are hiring sales reps in Canada from what I hear. I was hoping to talk to their new CEO but he wasn’t in attendance.


  • SimplyHired gets a new logo
    By on June 17, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    It looks as though SimplyHired, the number two aggregator behind Indeed, is starting to refresh itself.

    UPDATE: SimplyHired Launches Self Serve Ad Platform for Employers


    I’m guessing their new CEO wanted to change a few things. I think the dots represent ‘SH’ though its kinda hard to tell.

    What really intrigues me is if they will ever open up their resume database like Indeed has. Indeed is getting 2 million new resumes per month added to their site which are all publicly viewable. I wonder if SH will follow?

  • Job board news and notes
    By on June 11, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    Mike Jolley just created a new wordpress job board plugin called WP Job Manager. You can read about it here;


    At CareerCloud we just launched Jobs With Friends. Its a new way to ask your Facebook friends and Linkedin connections for a referral to their company.


    Tech training site launches its own job board. Another example of a community site launching jobs. ($99 job postings)


    I moved Jobs in Social Media to the Jobboard.io platform. Check out the new site. Pretty easy to setup.

    Professional associations are job boards in disguise. Just about ever industry has them and they are defintely a threat to traditional job sites. I read about them every week. Here’s another;


  • Go Niche or Go Home (from the archives)
    By on June 6, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    ‘Go niche or go home’ was a popular video way back in 2010 when i recorded this. I wanted to revisit it since it still has just as much relevance today as it did 3 years ago. Note how I mention JobFox which has since gone out of business as another failed attempt at creating a national job board. Find a niche and stick to it. My most recent niche play is the UAVjobbank (launched in April 2013) which is doing well in attracting search traffic. I started it because I saw a trend in the job market. Look for hot new industries to get your foot in the door when its early.

  • Job board news & notes
    By on May 28, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    Just a little roundup of some job board stuff of interest.

    WP Job Board the wordpress job board plugin has a new version coming out.


    Chattyjobs.com launches as a site to talk to employers.


    Hiredaily.com is a new site that lets you submit job, hr, recruiting related articles and blog posts.


    eHarmony might be getting into job matching…yeah good luck with that.


    the First Twitter job ad and apply system


  • Affiliate programs for job boards
    By on May 22, 2013 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Adding additional revenue to you job board is not that hard. Think about adding affiliate programs to add a little $$$ to your bottom line. Here are several ways to do that;

    Resume Writers: partner with resume writers to send them leads. I see this one on twitter all the time.



    Enchanted Careers, LLC, offers interview generating resume writing services, and training to improve online recruitment content.

    ZipAlerts provides hosted email job alerts for job seekers and you can earn $$$ by becoming an affiliate. I recently got my first check after installing it on one of my old domains I had lying around.


    Commission Junction and ClickBank have been around a few years and each has ways to earn money by letting you put banner ads on your site for related products like ebooks and other job search services.



    Resume Rabbit has also been around for years and offers chance to earn $30 for each order.


    Live Career is another resume builder affiliate program.


    The other thing you can do is use Amazon’s affiliate program to set up a bookstore with job search and career advice books.

  • Niche job board I admire: Stack Overflow Careers
    By on May 20, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    Last Saturday I attended my first recruiting “unconference” at the offices of Stack Overflow in lower Manhattan. An unconference is a one day event where the sessions consist of a track leader who introduces a topic to a group and then lets the group take the discussion to wherever they want. truNewYork was put on by @billboorman. It was a great event and Stack’s employees were awesome hosts.

    I got a chance to chat with some of their sales reps and recruiters about their tech job board Careers 2.0. It has over 110,000 vetted technical resumes that they sell access to. It has job postings that sell for $350 each and they just launched a product called “Company Pages” which highlights their employer clients. To me this is what the next gen job board (or any company career site) should look like. It has pictures of the office. It has interesting, unique copy written by a human. And it tells you who you’ll be working with.

    Stack Overflow started with a community of developers and they added the job board later on. Let that serve as a lesson to you would be job board operators. Having an existing community of like minded people will make it easier to add a job board later on since you will have a built in audience.

    Whats also interesting is not just anyone can post their resume. You have to be invited. That way they can vet each person to make sure they are a quality candidate. If you study what Stack does you will learn a lot about how to run a job board, they do it very well.

    So well in fact they are embarking on a big push to hire over 40 sales reps to help sell to employers. If you like sales and job boards, check ‘em out.



  • Jobs in Social Media being auctioned off
    By on May 6, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    I’m auctioning off one of my job boards, Jobs in Social Media. You can bid on it at flippa.com.

    I built the site back in 2009, sold it a year later and bought it back in 2012 after the previous owner couldnt dedicate anymore time to it. So I figured I would buy it back, get it refreshed and sell it to someone who can dedicate significant hours running it.

    I spend only an hour per week on the site approving new members and sending a weekly email to the over 2,000 members. Its a community site built on NING and the job board is powered by Jobamatic. The site gets anywhere from 3-5 postings per month with almost no marketing. ($120 per posting)

    I am going to use proceeds from the sale to use on my new startup CareerCloud.com so that is the main reason I’m letting it go.

    There are many positive aspects of owning JobsinSocialMedia.com;

    • Strong niche with only a few direct competitors (socialmediajobs.com & mashable)
    • Solid SEO ranking. Ranks in first page of google for ‘social media jobs’ (usually #4-5)
    • Established, aged domain.
    • Minimal cost to run $25/ning per month, Jobamatic free
    • 2,000+ registered members
    • Established history of sales
    • Profitable

    Potential bidders should know that there is a reserve price on the site so if it doesnt reach that it wont be sold. I am also willing to assist the new owner with advice and tips on making it even better. There are some things I would do/add to ramp up more revenue.


    I’ve sold many sites on Flippa before and if you’ve never heard of it its a good place to buy and sell websites. But beware there are lots of spammy sites on there where people pump up traffic (and adsense) to try and get a buyer. But if you look carefully there are some nice bargains on there. A search for the word ‘jobs’ shows a number of job sites and domains available.

    If you have intentions of selling your job site one day you need to make sure its polished with stable traffic and revenue. Thats how you’ll get the most value from potential buyers.

  • Should I hire a sales person for my job board?
    By on May 2, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    When I ran my local job boards I had NO sales team. Instead I relied on electronic ways to offset any lack of  manpower. If you dont have the time for sales yourself here’s how you can do it without one.

    1. I bought keywords on Google for my niche. Recruiters google for different job sites so I would get in front of them via Google ads.
    2. I joined related groups on Linkedin and posted content targeted towards the recruiters I wanted.
    3. I used tools like Email Grabber to collect leads (emails) and sent them emails 1x-2x per month. This is especially effective if you get them off your competitors.
    4. I made sure all my content was syndicated to my social media channels to get extra exposure.
    5. I used SEO to my advantage.

    These are all ways to make up for the lack of a sales person but if you still want to hire someone I would post something on Jobboarders.com, this job board group on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/504534929558960/ …you can also search Linkedin for ex-sales peeps to see who’s around.
  • Job Boards: are your resumes public or private?
    By on April 23, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    With the advent of sites like Linkedin, Github, Behance and others that contain publicly available profiles, job boards face a conundrum since they typically have private only resume search.

    But they need to evolve with the times.

    The trend now is making your job seeker “profiles” open to search engines so candidates can be found. I believe this is the future model job boards will need to follow. It provides more benefit to the candidate since it offers them more ways to be found.

    But job boards will not be able to charge for resume access if this happens.

    I never saw much value in charging for resume anyway so perhaps its better off to make your resumes/profiles open to Google’s crawler. Some job boards like Monster/Dice/CB can still charge because of the sheer amount of resumes in their database but any new job board will do better by making them public.